Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Anniversary! (The Third One, That Is)

Last week we celebrated our third anniversary.  Third!  The time has certainly flown past.  Our festivities this year were spread out over a week or two, so I decided to just wait until everything was done and then post them all together.

First, a week or so before our anniversary proper, we spent a weekend up in Salt Lake.  Harry and the Potters were touring along with Potter Puppet Pals, and we thought we must surely attend this epic event, so we decided to make a holiday of it and stay at our beloved Little America.  We stayed in one of the Garden Rooms, which is new for us (we usually opt for the tower), and we had a grand time.  We went to the concert, which was awesome and hilarious and fun and VERY hot and sweaty.
In line...
OMGoodness, it's the PPP theater!
They asked people near the front to sit so everyone could see.
It's really them!  The actual puppets!  Here you see the trio meet.
JK was even there!!!  She almost killed Harry.
Alas!!!  A cornucopia of love!!!!!
Taking a break in between acts.
Drulie wuz heer.

We liked it so much we shelled out the cash for these neato shirts.  ANGST.
Then we spent the next couple of days trying the hotel's lovely breakfast buffet (they should really put the fruit closer to everything else, we didn't even realize it was there until we were almost done!) and visiting Temple Square and shopping and ordering room service and watching movies and sleeping in and taking advantage of many of the hotel's amenities like the excellent indoor/outdoor pool (and poolside reading in the shade, which was probably our favorite thing of all) and the exercise facilities (it's so very motivating to watch the Olympics while running, especially if it's track events).
I carried this muffin around all afternoon since I was too full to finish it at breakfast.  It was still good.
Like we do.
The next weekend Julie's parents came to visit, and it was great to see them and show them our new place.  We went to dinner and watched movies and had a good time catching up with them.  It's so nice when Julie's family come to visit since we don't get to see them very often.  Julie and I also were able to take a drive up to Idaho Falls to visit her grandparents and bring her mom down (so she wouldn't have to take the shuttle).  I was glad to finally visit The Wife's maternal grandparents and various other relations and to have a delicious barbecue.  (This isn't really an anniversary happening, but it took place in between, so I thought it couldn't hurt to document it.)

THEN it was our actual anniversary!  It was on a weekday this year, which is partly why we decided to take our weekend excursion at an earlier date.  But after work we went to the temple to do some sealings, and then went to a fancy dinner at Chef's Table (thanks so much for the great deal, LivingSocial!  That's the only time we eat there, and we're glad those deals come around now and then).  I gave her three dozen flowers (one dozen for every year... I don't think I'll be able to keep up that pattern in years to come) and a cake cookbook (which benefits me as well) and a Battlestar hoodie (which she hinted at very heavily a few weeks before), and she gave me a beautiful Brave art book and The Hunger Games (pending its release a couple days later)!!!  It was an anniversary extravaganza!  Then since it was a late dinner, which is what posh people do, we came home and probably watched some TV and had a nice evening.
She liked them. :D
And then at some point this happened:
Avocado brownies... You just don't know...
But I do!
Oh yes, and I also surprised her with this:
It hardly does justice to the original, but I sure tried!  She is such a pleasure to draw.
Happy anniversary, Wife!  Three years ago you made me the happiest man ever!  And you still do every day!

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  1. Hurray! All of those things were so fun and funny. Hahah, JKR.