Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day 5K Fun Run

There's been a lot going on, and I know I still haven't blogged about our awesome new place yet, but we had a great birthday weekend and we're about to head out on an exciting family vacation, so before I get to those funtivities I wanted to blog really quickly about a 5K that happened over the weekend.

So.  A 5K happened over the weekend.  It was a fundraiser for Jordan's basketball team, organized by Amber, and it was a pretty fun race.  After a minor panic about finding the park location, we found the right place (we apparently missed the memo that it was starting at 8:30, and not 8, leading us to be the first to arrive, even before the race organizers).  The turnout was decent, the course was varied and interesting, though I generally prefer a loop to a there-and-back route .  The good thing about a there-and-back course is that every time you start going uphill, you know on the way back it's going to be a nice downward slope.  Sure, there's a vice versa somewhere in there, but let's not draw too much attention to that, shall we?  We had a busy weekend ahead of us, but we were glad we could go support the team (go, team!) and start off our Saturday with a race.  It was actually pretty rough for me, I just had very little energy that morning for some reason, but we both did pretty well (I placed second at 20:44, 6:47/mile, after Jonny of course, who was about a minute faster, though I did keep him in my sights for most of the course, and Julie came really close to a new PR, which was awesome) and had a good time.  The weather was pretty nice, actually a little chilly, which I prefer to a really hot summer race.  The treats were some kind of deluxe (those pretzel bagel things were a great surprise!) and everyone even was awarded a water bottle!  Score.  Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures this time.  No score.  Just imagine us in sweaty running clothes and smiling like :D and there you go.  Alternatively, you can go back through and find another race post and look at those pictures.

Thanks, Amber and Jordan and everyone!  It was fun.