Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Month 2, inc. Good and Blessed

The Poppy has reached her second month mark, and we're just as glad as can be that she's doing very well.  At her appointment yesterday she reported a little more than average weight and quite higher than average height, and she's eating and sleeping and everything elseing quite well.  Her hair is dark and long, her bright eyes are usually looking around and taking everything in, and she will often look at us and talk to us and smile and laugh, and is generally just more delightful every day.  She has her moments, but they never last too long once we realize what's wrong (though The Wife may report something different after being up with her certain calm but wakeful nights...) and fix it all up.

Just a few photos to show how our beautiful girl is looking so beautiful.  And as per usual you can see The Wife's detailed and photorrific month 2 update here.
She is such a beautiful little sleeper.
She loves her big bro already!
BB and LS.
Oh man, these two.
Last week we had her baby blessing, which turned out very nice.  Many people were able to come attend and participate, she fussed for a second before the blessing started, but shortly after calmed down and didn't make a peep the entire rest of the time.  The weather was perfect and it was so nice that we could have our get-together right there in our own back yard (after many hours of yard work the day before).
The blessing dress that finally was discovered.  I love how she looks like a little ballerina.

The fam with the daydream (a variation on the traditional nightmare).

Photo shoot!  The pictures were too adorable for words to adequately describe.

WHAT DID I SAY??  This is just a smattering of the cuteness, and it's already a total overload (the kind that it's good to have).

So there you have it.  We all love our darling little girl more than tongue can tell and are amazed at how big she's already grown.
A quick sketch done on a cool app, using my stubby finger stylus on my sister's phone canvas