Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

It was our merriest yet.  I hope yours was too.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Annual Christmas Eve Journal Write 2015

Every time I told The Boy today that tomorrow is Christmas it's just blown my mind that it's already here.  But here it is, and it feels marvelous.  I'm so glad to have snow on the ground and kids asleep in bed (at last -- their sleeping habits have taken a turn lately, but they were tired enough that they eventually crashed) and to be sitting with The Wife enjoying these deliciouses:
The overtired children are reluctantly nestled all snug in their beds, which means it's time for this. Ah, Jack. It's been too long.
I feel like Christmas has really sneaked up on me this year, even more than it usually does.  It seems like we've been really busy the last few weeks but we've managed to get it all done and have been trying to keep the focus on the reason for the season, especially for our little ones (though of course he somehow has grasped the concept of Santa Claus quickly and handily).  There have been a lot of things lately that have made it even more important to keep Christ in our hearts and minds, and I'm always grateful for a special occasion to bring Him back to the forefront where He belongs.
I took a second (almost literally) after a concert at Temple Square to stop and smell the Christmas.
Last night I finished reading A Christmas Carol and Other Stories (which included The Chimes and The Cricket On the Hearth), and as always it was a great reminder to do the right things for the right reasons.  I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.

And now... as soon as this movie is over I'm totally going to take a leaf out of the kiddos' book and crash in my delicious bed.  Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Nine Is Fine

Baby!  She's 3/4 of a year old.  She is getting bigger and smoochier and funnier and showing more personality every day.  It's amazing to be able to see her thinking and processing and learning and making decisions.  (Yes, I remember when this happened with The Boy too, but it seems all fresh and new all over again this time around.)  She's currently a little picky with what she likes (accompanied by very amusing facial expressions), she sleeps great through the night (not so well during naps), and she is definitely up on her hands and knees for crawling purposes (getting more and more independent, which makes me especially glad I finally put that baby gate up).  She's starting to get over stranger danger, at least with aunts and uncles and definitely Nana and Papa, and she seems particularly snuggly lately, especially when she's a bit sleepy.  (This is something I don't seem to recall being the case with The Boy.)  The Wife wrote her update here, and so without further ado here are some Instapictures:

This seems to be more a showcase for BB, but LS looks super cute too, and it seems fairly timely.  Insert joke prompt about Yoda and a Tiger walking into an H&M here.
What happened to our tiny helpless baby??
Just practicing her flexibility one morning.
Hanging out with Daddy while Mommy and BB sleep in a little.
Mommy's really liking the dress-over-jeans look these days.
Epic bedhead.  Gorgeous face.
We like our variation of Elf On the Shelf best of all.
We're looking forward to spoiling her on Christmas morning later this week!  (And by spoiling her I mean giving her just a few age-appropriate presents, because let's face it, she'll be much more interested in the wrapping paper than what's inside of it.)  This smoochface!  I can hardly stand it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Day of Giving Thanks 2015

Something I have noticed lately is that holidays and time off mean a lot more when you actually have to leave your house to go to work, and this year Thanksgiving break was just the thing.  It was so nice to (sleep in and) spend more time with my peeps and eat together and be thankful for each other.

There were various festivities this year.  First, of course we had the T-Gives treatment in Thanksgiving, which was a big hit.  I try to pick songs the kids might not know that well (or at all) totally on purpose, because there are so many songs we just don't get to ever sing.  Not on my watch!
We said if the feathers were all plucked he would get eaten.  Lucky thing, we ran out of time both times.
Next was a fun potluck lunch at work, which was a big success.  Everyone signed up for things and some went above and beyond to make the real deal (I will say that my gravy was worth the wait).  It's fun to work in an office so I can finally participate in these sorts of things that I heretofore had only heard about afterward.  We all ate too much (of course), but we were glad it was two full days before actual Thanksgiving so we wouldn't be burned out, as if.
It was amazing!  A full Thanksgiving spread.
Don't forget the pie!  I can personally attest that at least 2/3 of this was delicious.
Maybe I collected this plate of seconds just to take this picture, and then again, maybe I didn't.
Then came the actual day!  It was bright and clear and cold and very nice.  In years past my sister has organized a Turkey Trot event, but as time has gone by things have been busier or we've opted for other happenings, so when I asked and found out there wasn't anything planned this year, I decided to plan my own!  I like a T-Gives morning run, so even if it ended up being a couple of people or even just myself it would be fun.  Despite the cold, a great group of family (including out-of-towner visitors Emily and the trips!) met at the trailhead and took more or less my usual run along the trail and back.  It ended up being just about 3.5 miles, and Katy (who insists she's not much of a runner) pulled ahead in the end to beat me and Little Miss.  Some walked, some ran, some biked, some went the whole length and some turned around whenever they felt like it, and there were treats and overall I think it was really fun for all.  (Not to mention FREE.)  New tradish?!?  I'll bring the Costco pumpkin streusel muffins again...
Baby's first 5K!
Not a bad turnout!  Thanks for coming, everyone!  Same time, next year?
She's thrilled as you can see.
(And yes, I did just write that on the path with sidewalk chalk, along with the mile markers as I went along.)
Then of course dinner!  I actually took a few pictures this year, amazingly.  Everything tasted delicious and I tried to remember to take a minute to be especially grateful for my kith and kin and foodstuffs.
Interesting groupings!  The Boy loves seeing his cousins, but he especially loves Uncle Matt.
This one is so cute it deserves to be posted all on its own. 
This is just about all The Boy was interested in during Thanksgiving dinner (and of course in a different cup every time).  He will learn.  I put my foot down when it came to the Sprite Zero.
And then we had a quick photoshoot with Cami!

Then to round things out with a churchish bookend, I did a musical number of Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, and decided to callback to Appleton and rock this nice touch of bling, gifted from some of my dear elder buddies as I was heading home some seven (!!!) years ago.

And that's about it.  It's a very nice season, the one in between Halloween and Christmas.

There's so much to be thankful for.