Wednesday, June 29, 2016

15 months for Smooch

A few weeks ago we reached 15 months for our sweet little Smoochface, and yesterday we had a great checkup with only a few tears for a round of shots.  She's doing really well, eating and sleeping and learning and growing and generally being scrumptious.  She walks and climbs everywhere and is starting to be really independent (which can be a challenge, like when she was determined to toddle around on her own at the pool, which she took to right away).  She laughs and laughs at her big brother's zany antics, and at some of her own.  She squeaks and chirps and points to things that amuse her, and her little "Daddy" just melts my heart.  She loves her mommy (but also her daddy!) and is warming up to a few more of the extended family,  It's funny to watch her learn things from Big Brother, like taking it upon herself to just go right ahead and sit on the potty and demand to feed herself and sit and leaf through book after book.  She has her moments of shrieking to pretty impressive volumes and/or pitches, but she's usually not inconsolable and is generally pleasant.
Follow the trail!
Reposting because WHAT.
She loved the springtime so much.
This inclusion from a random baby supplies mailing isn't exactly her style, but she rocked it anyway.
That's our girl.
Auntie Amber knows ice cream is the way to this girl's heart.
Looking great in Mommy's baby clothes!
These two love a read-a-thon.
Little Girl Meets Big Elephant
What a difference a year can make!  What happened to our brunette baby??
Fun times in the water with Mommy
That hat!  That suit!  Those shades!!!
Maybe next summer, Smoochy.
Well, what can I say?  We often just stop what we're doing and gasp at how adorable she is.  We're so grateful to have her in our little family.