Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lucky Seven

Originally written on 16  October
Smoochy is up to seven months!  She's past the halfway mark and well on her way to her first birthday (eep).  But lots of fun things are coming up before then!

As per usual, The Wife posted a great update here, and mine will actually be pretty brief this time.  Baby's doing great, starting to sleep really well at night (*knocks on wood*), eating some solid foods, and laughing hysterically at the antics of her big bro.  As it turns out I didn't take/Instapost all that many pictures of her this month (though I did poach some from her mommy's Insta).
Starting solids!  So far so okay.  She likes some foods better than others.  The faces are priceless though!
Just hanging out while Mommy's off doing Mommy things.
At her ease.
:D :D
Earning her keep at a very young age.
This happened spontaneously.  And then I died.
This may have been spontaneous too.  Mostly it was the best thing ever to see while at work.
These two are always good for inspiration.
O hai.
Om nom nom, thanks Baby Sale.
Little pumpkin starting to get into the spirit of things.
Another month down, and her cuteness is growing exponentially!  And she's well on her way to the next one.