Monday, September 28, 2015

Six Years/Six Months

Wow, I just realized that I didn't even blog about our anniversary...  Maybe that's because we took it easy this year, just spending time with some little one who weren't feeling their best, making and breaking and postponing special plans, and generally being together and hoping for good things for the future.  As I said on Facebook, six years and many highs and occasional lows later, we spent our special day doing chores and switching laundry and sorting through boxes of old stuff, and as we returned home from running errands with two tired and whining kids in the back seat and looked at each other... I realized I wouldn't want it any other way.

Still so in love with this pretty girl.

Next!  A couple weeks ago our little girl hit the big half-year mark (and we finally had our checkup -- thanks, switching of insurance), and she's doing just great.  The Wife's post can be seen here, but in continuing my own series of posts, here are a bunch of pictures:
My girls at the park.
So mobile these days!  She was most determined to reach that book.  And then probably eat it.
Visiting the goats.
Visiting the penguins.
Do you see what I see??  There are definitely two down there now.
I think we (finally) managed to make the baby gate work just in time.  It's been a process.
Aloha wear buddies on Labor Day.  I love that swath of still-dark hair.
There's that swath again!  Mommy kind of has one too.
Checking out Mommy's new look.
Such a scrumptious little duck!
This is the one that was actually Instaposted, because WUT.
I realized that I haven't done drawings of her in months, which was inexcusable.
Oh that little one!  It's getting more and more to the point that I just can't even stand her cuteness for five seconds without smothering her with kisses (did I mention I like to give them by the 20s?  I feel like it's good to overdo it to build up some credit in case I forget sometime).  After being weighed and measured today she's not exactly the tallest six-month-old on the block anymore, but she's still just right at just over 16 pounds.  She wasn't a fan of the doc today, and of course she was none too pleased to get her shots, but she rallied in short order.  I miss seeing her in the mornings and occasionally throughout the day now that I'm working in an actual office (more on that later), but she's always glad to see me when I come home at the end of the workday.

We love our sweet little smooch!  Happy Half, Baby Girl.

(Edit 21 December 2017)