Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Monday, December 24, 2018

Annual Christmas Eve Journal Write 2018

I had grand plans to be caught up by tonight but I'm not but I still want to do my annual Christmas Eve Journal Write.
(Incidentally one of my goals for 2019 is to be better about staying caught up on my blog by the way.  I know no one reads these anymore but I actually refer to it quite often and find it a great resource even as a personal journal and photo depository.)

We had Mom and Dad over for fondue again this year and it was sooooo delicious and I'm not regretting in the least all the treats I've been eating over the last week or so.

Christmas is all set to go and the kids are asleep and I finished my 4:50 dead hangs (ouch why) and we're looking forward to a loud and busy and tons of fun day tomorrow.  We watched The Small One tonight and it was a little magical to watch Charlie (5.5) figure out the twist in the last seconds.

The Wife is sitting at my side working on her brand new laptop with a light-up keyboard and it brings me a lot of joy that it brings her a lot of joy.

This year's Christmas pajamas from Mom featured shorts and I'm okay with this.

Anyway, Santa should be here any second, in fact I think he already showed up, so I better get to bed.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

July the Fourth 2019

We had a great Independence Day.  Hiking with the fam, fireworks shirts, all the foods and panorama fireworks from the backyard, and kayaking the next day.
Mom's four zones 
Nice big group!

And we shall call it... This Land...

A's side-eye...

Water babies
Happy birthday, America! There are troubles but honestly things have been and could be much worse.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

MDG's Year the First!

Well, for the first time in maybe ever I'm like six months behind.  But I do not accept this as an inevitability!  At least not yet.  So here's a quick update on Milo's first birthday.

At his first birthday this little man is eating most things and teething and waaaaalking all over the place.  I may or may not have mentioned that he seems to be making up for being such a mild newborn and using his recently discovered voice most vehemently, but he's just sooooo cute that it's easy to forget about that.  He doesn't really like sitting still but he occasionally likes a snuggle.  Doc says he's a healthy boy and his birthmark is pretty much here to stay and he's almost always happy.

He's a good boy and so loved by his parents and older siblings.
Discovering the ceiling fan
New trick!
An artist
He loves a bath
And he loves his mommy!

1st birthday photoshoot 
That baby face

I think he liked it.
 That's all for now!  I wish I could remember more but it's my own fault for waiting so long.  What matters most is that he's a happy, healthy, loved boy.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

11 Month Little Man

What the, I was just sitting here about to procrastinate doing his first birthday post when I realized I haven't even done his 11 months.  Well then here goes.

Little Man did indeed hit 11 months!  The room was given a mini-makeover to feel more like his own, and he's done well in his own place.  He's eating a lot and sleeping pretty great and walking around like nobody's business, months earlier than either of the older two.  He has absolutely found his voice and makes it heard often, and often quite loudly.  He's still pretty easygoing most of the time but when he's upset or impatient he doesn't really hold back.
They finally booted me out of Primary but at least the company in EQ is good.
What a change half a room of color can make.

Thumbnail for a video but still so cute!  He approves of the new baby swing.
Such a fun church buddy.  Always keeps me on my toes.  Or on my feet at least.

"Yawn and Back Again," by Milo Baggins

He loves his mommy so much and is looking so big.
Okay then, next time it will be time to ready on birthday the first.  Such a big boy, full of life and personality and sweetness.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

MDG at 10 Months

It's been another month already!  Little Mister is growing so fast and keeping everyone in the family on their toes.  He's moving all over the place and yes, already walking.  He can often be seen standing up on his own and taking several steps, which is amazing and also pretty crazy.  He's a bottomless pit in the high chair, eating just about everything he's tried and always hungry for more.  He's found his wail at last, making himself heard quite often and seeming to make up for lost time, but never without reason (Feed him!  Hold him!  Put him to bed!), and never for too long.  He has this funny nasal whimper he does that makes it kind of hard to be upset at the whining, ha ha.  He's a good sport through some recent sniffles and once we put him in his own room -- blessed day! -- started sleeping through the night again.  We're thinking he would wake up in the night and see us there and be like, what the heck, why aren't you coming to get me?? when if the same thing happens in his own room he usually just realizes no one's around and goes back to sleep.  A plan has been enacted to turn sister's room into his own space.
Such a great traveler on the airplane back from CA.
First Easter!
Look at him smiling around that binky.

Supporting Mommy at her 5K.
Post-bath surprised faces.
10 months!  Look at that smile!  Look at how the hat barely fits!
Sweet boy, keep growing but stop growing.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Easter 2018

This year's Easter was a little different in a few ways.  It fell on General Conference Sunday, so we didn't have our usual church outing (and so The Wife couldn't figure out the right time to put together her Easter outfits, which it turns out didn't arrive in time anyway).

Easter morning was as exciting as could be expected.  It's amazing how much kids get such a thrill out of plastic eggs and candy, but I so love their enthusiasm for the magical and festive.
Everybunny is having a great morning.
We opted for a family brunch situation rather than the usual dinner, just for something different and since people might start having their own evening plans.  There were eggs to be hunted and so much delicious food.
When your sister is a pro photog you sometimes get the most lovely photos of your kids at special occasions!  See her work at Blue Hill Images.
In betweentimes we visited our new favorite tradition, this cool replica of the tomb, located right here in Alpine.
So nice, but I do mean to suggest to them to change up the music loop (that is, to include more than one song in said loop).
Then we invited Mom and Dad over and joined forces with Elise & Co. for their wonderful Mediterranean feast (it does make more sense as an Easter meal when you think about it), which we might have to make a tradition if the Rs are amenable!!!
This was also the project of the weekend... Hurray, no more worrying about the giant gaps where the springs inevitably pop off every time I jumped on it.
The old ones looks so wilty compared, ha ha.
And that's all there was to it!  Julie made a marvelous angel food cake that was praised by all, the kids had a great time grounded in the purpose of the day, we caught some GC talks and discussed the news and overall enjoyed the spring weather (until it turned to winter again a few days later) (but now it's spring again so it's fine).