Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Halloween 2017 -- Grrrreat? Grr-ific

Halloween!  It has come and gone, but not without being observed very much in our household especially by certain persons age 4 and under.  Without further ado, here's the Instaslideshow:
Either it's Halloween around here or I haven't played the piano in a LONG time.
Funtivity the 1st: Hee Haw Farms!  A huge hit as always.  I can't get over the corn box.
This isn't exactly Halloween-related, but having one sit and one push makes walking to church go a lot faster and easier.

Funtivity the 2nd: The Pumpkin Patch!  They've really upped their game this year (though the wait for the hayride was incredibly long, extended ride notwithstanding).

A perfect moment captured by The Wife.

Funtivity the 3rd: A nearby neighborhood party at Dowdle Farms with an art unveiling.  The Wife always manages to find the best local things to do.
Work party.  I must say the cereal bar was a stroke of genius. I made the poster but not the art.
I'm really amazed and annoyed we didn't even win third place (which would mean a prize of team breakfast -- what could have been more fitting?), even enlisting Auditing and Marketing.

Introducing the kids to a classic before heading out.

Halloween greetings from Daniel Tiger and his entourage.

Apparently I didn't do the bat or dragon or hissing cat quite to The Boy's desired specifications, but in my defense he didn't tell me until after.  I finally threw the remainder of these out today.
And there you have it!  We also went to sister Cami's really fun annual Halloween-themed Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra concert/costume parade, Elfman, Grieg, Mozart, Prokofiev, Williams, and a favorite from last year, Ghostbusters.  On the day of I had to rush off before too late to get to a rehearsal in SLC (more on that coming.....) but we had plenty of time to be together and do lots of fun things and trick-or-treat to the kids' hearts' content(s?), though they've largely forgotten about the candy by now, which is still in labeled bags.  I don't understand parents who take their kids trick-or-treating multiple times for hours on end and then complain that there's so much candy in their house.  What other results could you possibly expect???  Anyway.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Colors of Hope 5K

Wups, I wrote this last Friday and forgot to post it, but I collected my prize today so here it is now.

Wow, I haven't done an official race post in a long time.  I've still been running just about every day, but racing hasn't been a priority for a couple of years.  But work organized this one last week for Colors of Hope so I thought it would be fun to participate (last year's was closer to Thanksgiving and not the best day or time for me).

So it wasn't a huge race but there were 35-40 runners/walkers and I did pretty well at 23:08/8:00 miles (25:00 for the full course at 3.33 miles).  I led the pack for the first mile or so but the IT guy I was running alongside for a while pulled ahead and kept his lead until the big finish, beating me by a minute or two.  The weather was beautiful and the course was varied and interesting (though a slight head wind pushed pretty well for the last stretch).
Stuff We All Get

Next morning shot in black and white for artsy photo challenge meme purposes.
Fun race!  I scored a gift card to Smashburger, a place I have never visited, so that will be neat.  I guess I'll be hosting my Thanksgiving walk/run again this year so that will be fun too.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Four Months Later for MDG

This week we had Little Mister's four-month checkup and he's doing great.  Tall and plumping up (but still pretty lean because tall), very happy and smiley and laughy, getting cuter every day, and beloved by all.  Julie noticed this little red mark on his hand and the doctor said it could be from touching a lime, which made us both kind of laugh but which I guess causes discoloring and a slightly darker tan if exposed to the sun, so that was interesting.  Anyway, he's healthy and happy and has a good appetite and is a little more wakeful at night these days I believe but still sleeping well.  He's definitely finding his voice but most of them time he sits in a swing or a blanket or a lap and happily observes all around him.  What else is there to say except that he's extremely photogenic and we're looking forward to his first round of fall/winter holidays!
What I'd usually like to spend most of church doing.
This needs to be shared because Julie made it and it is adorable.
Even cute when blurry!
Such a squishy smooch!

Increasingly happy Saturday morning baby.

Just a sampling of the amazing family photos my sister took.
Bonus because baby in a teepee.
Baby's first choir concert!  The initial applause startled him but he was perfect after that.
Cheering Mommy on for her 5K.
4 months!  I don't think I used to post these but I like that I do now.  Also I just need to take more pictures of this kid.
Sorry I don't have as many pictures of you, son!  I promise I'll take a few more this month!  Halloween is nigh.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Third Month for Mister M

We're a couple weeks past three months so this is overdue!  Little Mister is such a delight and we hardly have to remind ourselves how lucky we are that our third is so chill.  He's so responsive and happy and giggles readily (we're pretty sure he's ticklish).  Still eating and sleeping well, happy to spend time with brother and sister, and YAY, he knows me a lot better and smiles at me a lot more now. :D  He's still not quite rolling over, but he's doing better at tummy time and he loves to hold his head up and look all around.  At his last checkup he was exceptionally tall and is getting ever so nice and chubby.  Oh this boy!
He barely fits into this onesie!!!  Good thing we had at least one time with it.
Just about always camera ready.
AAAHHH post-bath baby.
We take him all the places but he still usually sleeps through them.
What a face.
Snuggly duckling
The lord of the manor surveys his domain.
Napping on Daddy.
Happy monthday!
Until next month!  Which will be like in two weeks.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2 Months (inc. Good and Blessed)

This boy!  He hit two months a couple weeks ago and he's doing so great.  At his checkup he was measuring two pounds bigger than either of his older siblings at his age, and almost as tall as the tallest.  He just seems so big already, about the same size as his four-months-older cousin!  He's starting to get some nice rolls too so all together he's a very cuddly squishy smiley boy, and such a good baby (which we definitely recognize, and for which we are ever so grateful, especially as the two others seem to have taken things up a notch, perhaps in an attempt to balance out how good the baby is, but also probably just because they're acting their age).  He sleeps and eats and etc. just about how he should and he'll occasionally make little talking sounds and he's just about to roll over.  I sometimes feel like he is more smiley at Mommy, but it does make sense.  It occurred to me recently that this is the first baby we've had during which time I have worked away from home, so I guess I was just lucky to spend more daytime hours with the first two and now I'm getting the experience that most working dads do.  Ah well, it just makes me appreciate our Daddy-Son time all the more.

Snuggling up during the summer work party at the 
He slept most of the time but I'm sure he enjoyed it.

Fresh clean baby! OoO

Good and blessed!  (See the drawing I did of this here.)

So cooperative for his Blessing Day photoshoot!

I mean really.

YESSSSSSS nightmare.
Sunday drawing buddies.
Sunday napping buddies.

Little fox at 2 months.
 See you in a few weeks!  We love him more every day if that's even possible!

(ALSO, I'll go ahead and say here that after a few weeks of several calls with insurance and the hospital and various people I did some negotiating and explaining after discovering only after we were discharged by the receptionist nurse at his bilirubin checkup that the hospital where he was born wasn't in our network [and WHY didn't anyone ever mention or even seem to notice this, including our doctors who DO deliver there???], and they were actually REALLY helpful and managed to cut our in-network/out-of-network charges significantly.  Sometimes a few calls can mean the difference of a few grand.  Sometimes.)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

8 Years!

Yesterday we celebrated our 8th anniversary!  I was at work of course but I was trying to decide what my wife would like most of all for an anniversary gift and I decided what she would probably want was time, so I arranged for my parents to pick up the two older kids and take them away for the morning, where they had a grand time playing with cousins (thanks again, Mom and Dad and Auntie Elise and cousins!), and then I came home a little early from work with flowers and so-so sushi from Walmart so that I could take over when they woke up from their naps so she had the rest of the afternoon free too, and then surprised her with this:
Still working on likenesses, but you get the idea.
Then we hired a really fun babysitter and took to La Jolla Groves for a delicious dinner with a little plus-one:
Such an adorable tagalong, and he didn't make a peep.
Then we went home and I sabotaged my own food dehydrator gift secret and then we shared some amazing cupcakes from the shop downtown and watched Psych until we couldn't make it through two episodes and crashed after a long and fun day.

The kids told us this morning that they want to get married (not to each other), and if that's not a ringing endorsement of how we're doing, I don't know what is!  It's wonderful to have a partner who's clever and lovely and takes care of so many things and makes me laugh.  All the love to my Juliet (as in O'Hara, not Capulet).
The real deal.  Smoldering back when it used to be called (yikes) smizing.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

One Month For Little Mister (inc. 4th of July)

(Quick, before it's August!  Oh wait, it totally is...)

Over the weekend we hit one month for our littlest one!  He's a big and strong and healthy and almost always happy little boy, and he delights all around him.  He's tall for his age, starting to fill out (the same height as his couple-months-older cousin but not yet nearly as chubby!), a great eater, and he actually sleeps pretty well (do you hear that?...  I'm knocking on the wood-like substance of my desk), waking up a couple times to eat and then snuggling back down to sleep, in the crib and everything.  When he's awake he's really aware of things and is starting to smile (not gas for heaven's sake, we're pretty sure they're legit smiles).  He's a sweet fellow and we're enjoying all his adventures and misadventures and messy diapers and how he's really fitting in and finding his place in the family.

Independence Day was also a thing that happened so that was fun.

Enjoy some pictures!  I vow not to let the third child be neglected!
The many faces of Mr M.
Rocky Mouth Falls with a slew of family.  It was just the right length and difficulty and a great way to start the holiday.

Lots of fun with family for Floats & Fireworks, just like I dreamed when we were thinking of buying this house.  The panoramic view from the backyard was a bit hit.

Baby, you're a firework.
Do you see what I see?

Checking out the world record-breaking flag in town.  Seeing it from the trailhead was okay for us.

Giving the fox hat a go a month later.
 Oh, and by the way, we joined this club too:
So much space!  And luxury!  And room!  And... space!
He's so quiet sometimes that I sort of forget he's there and then I look over and be like, o hi! and then be like, o wow, and then be like, *kissy kissy kissy*