Wednesday, March 26, 2008

First post!!!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog. Good heavens, you leave town for a couple of years, and everyone in creation is running a blog. I mean, they were around when I left, but seriously, things have REALLY exploded! Youtube! Blogging! The end of the Harry Potter series!!! (I'm getting there...) Anyway, it's been just a couple of days, but I am really enjoying getting adjusted, catching up with everyone and everything, and reveling in the experience I just had. Aunt Fae asked me to use three adjectives to describe it, and I chose the following:


There were a lot more I could have chosen, but those seemed most appropos. I will write more on this soon, but that will be all for now. For those who are still unaware, "Kuab Ci" (pronounced Gua Gyee, roughly...) is my Hmong name, and means, roughly, "power shine," but I will explain more about that in the near future. The title of my blog translates to "Kuab Ci's Wisdom". HA.

Ta for now!


  1. Ha! I am the first to comment! You sure catch on quick. Yay for Drew's blog.I learned things already. Love, mom.

  2. welcome to the fabulous world of blogging. I hope you enjoy it.
    PS - Welcome home!

  3. Well! It's about time. Huzzah.

  4. Eee xong cong eee sway-long eee nong tong.