Friday, October 16, 2009

Recent Hankering Unsatisfied

For the last few weeks I have had this insane and profound desire to go back to Disneyland (which Julie shares). I don't know if it's because we honeymooned there two months ago or if it's just been "too long" since we were there or if it was crowded last time we went or whatever, I've just had a crazy hankering that's sometimes only made worse by listening to Disneyland music or podcasts (but I still listen to them anyway). In the last two weeks there have been two radio contests giving away passes, and though Julie and I tried faithfully both on KOSY and The End, we were utterly unsuccessful. No one wanted those passes more than we did, and I'm pretty sure no one tried as hard as we did, and with three tries a day for two weeks, I was sure we would get some of the 101.9 ones, but it wasn't meant to be. (The contest was that they would play a clip from a Disney villain and the caller identifying the character would win four two-day park hoppers. The results were at times shoddy, giving the prizes to people who guessed incorrectly or partly correctly--I'm pretty sure it's not Jafar who sings "Hellfire" from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, LaFleur is not the same as LeFou, some villains were repeated, some were ignored, and sidekicks and live-action villains are cheap shots. Get it together, man.) We're now quite certain that it's entirely a matter of luck as to whose call gets through, though we came close once or twice, after getting our system down. (Online streaming has a delay of over a minute, by the way. Not knowing this cost us dearly.) If I disliked the radio at all before, I have a definite beef with it now.

Anyway, I guess the hankering will just have to subside if I want to maintain my sanity. On the plus side, I guess that I don't have to sit by the radio at 9:00, 12 noon and 4:00 every weekday and redial fifty-plus times in futile attempt to get through. Very small plus side, but still. Elise drew this at work to illustrate my excitement as the Disneyland contests began.

I mean, doesn't it seem unfair to anyone else that I've still never seen the Haunted Mansion Holiday? Or the new overlay of Space Mountain? Or the new fireworks show hosted by Jack Skellington and featuring Zero flying over Sleeping Beauty Castle?


  1. You DO love the that place! I am wishing I was packing for the Disneyland birthday trip Em and I planned last January. Happily, it was canceled for three miraculous reasons.

    But I still wish I was packing right now.

  2. DREW! This post is hilarious because just over the weekend, I had a great URGE to go to Disneyland also! Something hit and it was all I could think about! I can't wait to go back again. The trip with you all is still the best DL trip yet! I am sorry that you haven't seen the Haunted Mansion all decked out for Halloween-so fun,m though I believe Jack a new addition at the firework show, I'd love to see that too! I love Disneyland so much, probably as much as you! Good luck trying to win the contests! :)Long live Disneyland!

  3. *weeps*



    *shakes fist*


  4. what an injustice. the WORLD we live in today... honestly. HAH

  5. I just can't sympathize. I'd like to go and all, but not like that! Sheesh! Patience droopy.

  6. Melody: You'll get back there one day! Maybe will all your and Emily's babies!

    Britney: Did you read the post? I LOST both contests. It's quite tragic, really.

    Julie: Ditto.

    Lindsay: I KNOW, right??

    Cami: You just don't understand!!!

  7. Yes I read the post...but I meant good luck with future tries with it! I love love love this post, and the pic.