Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Beginning of the End

After 9 long, dreary LOST-less TV months, it has returned...

This tantalizing teaser poster almost gave me chills as I examined each face on display...

So yes, last night the final season of LOST premiered, and it certainly delivered.  A new storytelling device in place, the season started out in classic, explosive fashion, presenting a lot of new mysteries, but setting itself up to answer many old favorites.  Just in case some of my very many readers haven't watched yet, I won't write much about it, but suffice it to say LOST is back, and in excellent form.  Some new faces, some familiar faces, some faces we haven't seen in years!

But can I just say?...  I thought I had cried my last tears for Juliet Burke...


  1. Oh, you know what I mean. I guess I ought to clarify...


  2. And how. It was totally captivating. Jonny and I even stayed up past 11:00 to watch it all. (That's really saying something for us!)

  3. But, but, WHY do we need NEW characters?? WHY?? Still a great episode. I do love an "alt world."