Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas!  It was a beautiful white Christmas here, and it was so great to spend it with Julie's family.  My wife is so amazing, she managed to surprise me so many times with presents, which is no easy feat when we live together and didn't even really go shopping separately.  My favorite presents are this, this and this, but ask me sometime about the fortune cookie...  !!!!!  (Though seriously, in this day and age, I love getting the practical things like sweaters and shoes and dress socks too, not to mention the pearl snaps.)  I managed to throw her off the scent for a couple of mine too, and Julie's special surprise presents for her family were a big hit.  Our new photobook from Blurb even came a couple days earlier than expected, so we were able to enjoy that for the big day as well.

We're also really excited about a couple new Wii games, but we're still quite baffled at the source of one of them...  In case any of you don't know, it appeared at our house a few weeks ago in an Amazon package addressed to me, but without a packing slip or note or anything, and neither of us ordered it.  I thought it would be revealed throughout the course of this moste special day, but alas, not a word!  I wonder if the mystery will ever be solved.  I guess it must truly have come from Santa Claus, but whoever it was, much thanks!  William quite enjoyed playing it with me this afternoon.  I just love that Diddy Kong, and now he has a jet pack!  It's a Christmas miracle!

For those who didn't see it, here is our delightful Christmas card.  We were so excited to do one!  We didn't really have time to get one together last year, so this is our very first.
Much thanks to Artography by Kami for the great photo, and for Julie for making it look even better.

God bless us, every one!


  1. Sounds like a grand Christmas there in the Midwest. Way to go surprising each other. That isn't easy when you're married.

    And very CUTE Christmas card. It's perfect for you two.

  2. I love your Christmas card! I hope you sent one to us so I can put it in my journal.

    Also, good job with the present, Julie! Now you both can watch Daria to your hearts content! I would say I am jealous of Lost, but Jeff decided to buy the complete series on Blue-ray. Which is a bit over the top, but I am very curious to see these special features.

    Did you get Lego HP? It's so much fun!

    Also, my word verification is Bennest. Ha ha. It is like the Best Bennett combined.

  3. You guys are just having so much fun! Merry Christmas. We will have to have a Wii game party when you get back.

  4. love this card :) it's on our fridge! miss you guys!