Friday, September 14, 2012

Beat Beethoven 2012

Last weekend was Pleasant Grove's annual Beat Beethoven 5K, which we participated in yet again.  We joined Mom, Dad, Amber, Cami, Jake, Melody, Jonny and Evelyn, and had a great time (though it was kind of rough for me for some reason).  Apparently this race is to benefit the local arts, especially the public library, and I like libraries and reading and books and such, so I'm down (but I'm also down with the sweet group rate Melody finagled).

I did have a couple of issues with the race this year though:

•  It was NOT 3.1 miles, it was almost .15 longer, which I breathlessly and adamantly informed the workers handing out the results tickets just past the finish line.  When you're budgeting your energy and saving a last burst for that last quarter mile, that distance makes a big difference!  They were like, "o rly?... srryyy..."  And I was like... o.O

•  It was not, as advertised, completely downhill.  It's fine to have a varied race, but don't send out emails specifically and enthusiastically stating that it's an easy, all-downhill race.  It just makes the uphill parts even harder because they're unexpected.

But they had fun treats and the theme is fun, and like I said, the cause is worthwhile.  I did pretty well (not as well as last year) at 21:54 (4th in my division, 7th overall), and Julie did great too (5th in her division at 28 minutes).
Jonny had already ventured forth to get the car and two tots.
Go us.
Fall running! It's the best. Though it was still pretty hot.

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  1. Pffffft, they should be able to accurately track the distance of a 5k.

    Good job everyone!