Friday, October 5, 2012


(I already posted these arts on the art blog, but I wanted to celebrate the occasion here too.)

The Wife is a great little worker bee at her place of employment.  The job came at a pretty crucial time a while after we were married, and I know she's been a valued employee ever since.  Sometimes it can be tedious, but she pushes through and refuses to give it up unless there's a darn good reason (not that I'm really complaining, a dual income situation is great for as long as it's feasible -- those student loans we accrued aren't going to pay themselves off, *grumblegrumble*), which means that she sometimes doesn't get much time to spend on doing things that she really loves, but she's a real trooper.  She works hard and always either reaches or exceed (sometimes greatly exceeds) her requirements or quota for whatever particular project she's working on.  And of course we mustn't forget that they largely provided our unforgettable summer in London.  Anyway, a couple weeks ago was promoted!  The Team Leader for her team was relocated elsewhere, and the powers that be encouraged Julie to apply for the replacement, so she did, and she won!  It's a jump in responsibility and tasks, but also a jump in pay, and of course a leadership position is challenging and interesting, so I think it will make work a little more varied for her.  It's very exciting.  So exciting that I decided to take an old sketch (that I did a long while ago when she was told she was "promotable" -- that Masters' degree really does impress) and color it up. Here it is:
And just for fun, here's the original sketch:
Way to go, Wife!

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  1. Yes, way to go, Julie! That is excellent.

    And, by the way, welcome back to America! I bet your trip was completely incredible.

    Also, I replied to your comment on my post. Hope you to see you two soon! When I do, I will return your much-viewed-and-loved movies. Thanks again.