Tuesday, April 2, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I turned the big three-two.  In the last year I was sure I was barely 30, and then just a few months ago I was positive I was about to turn 33, so I guess I ended up somewhere (exactly) in the middle.  I had a great birthday!  The Wife is so very great at making me feel especially special on such days, and this one was no exception!  Our festivities were split into three events:

1)  We started out with a fun local 5K.  We saw a flyer for it at our last race, and we thought since my birthday was on a Saturday this year, it would be a fun way to start the day (if the weather would cooperate, which it certainly did).  We invited everyone, but Mom and Dad were the sole parties who joined us, and we were glad to see them.  It was the Luck of the Irish put on by the Vineyard Elementary PTA, and as such, it was a smaller race with lots of families and little kids, but it was a great course and beautiful springish weather, and we had a great time.  I was just outside of the top 10 (11th overall, about 22:03, 6:57/mile, though it was actually 3.17), and I'm thinking probably top three in my division, but they didn't give awards except for the first place and I don't recall seeing posted results, so who can know?  It wasn't my best or most energetic race, but for an early spring 5K it wasn't bad at all.  And it was only ten dollars too.  And the best part is that Julie did the race too!  Well, she wasn't exactly racing, as she participated in the walking part of the run/walk, but she walked the whole entire thing and did just great!  The Speck's first 5K!  Afterward, Mom and Dad took us to Sammy's to take advantage of a coupon they had for foods there.  It was delicious and fun, but the fries were really very greasy.
Baby's first 5K!
This was an awesome birthday present from The Wife.  It's a medal/ribbon rack!  She's so creative with presents and such.
2)  The next event of the day was going to see Oz: The Great and Powerful.  As I have said on Facebook, I actually rather liked it! I maybe wouldn't call it Great and Powerful, but I might say it was Pretty Good and Fairly Potent.  Though I'm still not sure why it's a Disney movie, and also, James Franco can be a real goober sometimes.  Anyway, this is the second item of the day that we invited many, many people to, and not one single person joined us.  But we still had a good time!  After this, we met Mom and Dad again for a most delicious dinner at Brick Oven.  I just can't believe they have a buffet option that includes pizza now.  That's just perfect.

3)  Then we went home so Julie could put the finishing touches on THIS:
The cake mistress.  She is such a pro.
See how excited I am??
It's the most amazing cake ever!  I just can't believe how amazing it is.  So amazing that I had to post like six pictures of it.  I'm so glad I had the presence of mind to request that one this year.  What other cake could anyone need or want ever?  And it turned out perfectly, Wife!  So we sat and waited patiently for any of our many, many invited (and even RSVPed) guests to arrive, and... none did.  We were glad Mom and Dad were still around after dinner and could help us eat the delicious cake, but we were quite surprised that not a single of the other friends and family we invited came.  (Yes, yes, I know, people had reasons, etc. etc., I'm just saying...  When we get invited to things, we usually go.  Especially if we say we're going to.  Do I sound bitter?  I'm not, really.  Well, I sort of am...  It was just hard to get call after call and message after message from people saying they couldn't make it...  those that did, that is, ha.  Anyway, that's that.  More cake for us!!!  Suckahz who missed out totally, well, missed out.)  I don't know what it is.  Maybe we're just not meant to throw parties.  This has happened waaaayyyy too many times to be one of those things that just sometimes happens.  Maybe we're doing it wrong?  Anyway, luckily we are great company for each other!  OH, and I should say that a couple of friends and their baby did come over after to have some cake, and so that we could be the decoy for HIS party that was happening on the same night, since our birthday is on the very same day.  So then after they left, we went over to THEIR house to participate in HIS party, which was very well-attended and we enjoyed mocktails and pie and YouTube videos.

Happy birthday to me!!!  I sound kind of whiny, and I was quite upset (and might have vowed never to try to throw another party, especially when I remembered the miserable failure that was when I tried to throw a surprise party for The Wife's birthday last year), but overall I had such a great birthday, and I'm so glad I was able to spend it with my beloved and the Speck.  My last birthday as a non-dad! XD

P.S. The day after I wrote this blogpost I had this dream where I had an EPIC birthday party at my old elementary school, and seriously THOUSANDS of people were there.  It was pretty amazing, though of course I don't think I require that many guests at a birthday party of mine ever.


  1. That cake! How is it so so so so good??? I'm so glad we still have some in the freezer (we should do that more often with cakes).

  2. Sorry it was not the party you hoped for. I can understand being bitter about it. Although we couldn't attend this one, we have attended almost all the other parties you have planned. And last year was quite the success! You have many people who love you, that apparently lead very busy lives. Don't let it get you down for too long. Happy 32 to you.

  3. That cake looks so amazing! I would like to say that I sent Julie my regrets in advance (we were babysitting for my brother) but I very much wish we could have come to celebrate with you and eat your cake! I went to a baby shower before Julie's that was similarly not-attended, and it is a major bummer for the party planner and the party honoree. Not cool, RSVPers.

  4. Dear Drew!
    If I didn't live 10 hours away from you, and had been invited we would have gladly come to support you in your birthday festivities! I am so glad you had such a beautiful delicious cake! Happy late Birthday!