Monday, October 21, 2013

Fifth Month

Today The Boy is five months old.  He is healthy and strong and sweet and good.  The Wife is great at posting updates with relevant information for inquiring minds who yearn to know (here, and another more detailed one on the way [edit:], which has now been posted here), but I wanted to post a very little something too.  So here it is!
That's my best attempt at the moment at making his general expression.  You can tell it's bedtime because he's not giggling at his reflection.  We had a great father's interview yesterday on the grass while Mum was making pumpkin waffles, and we admired the mountains and the changing leaves and the sunset and he told me all his hopes and dreams for the future, which are auspicious indeed.  Happy five months, Boy!


  1. Father's interview - you are on top of it! I need to see that baby.

  2. Gosh, look how big those jammies are on him!