Tuesday, January 28, 2014

After Seven Comes Eight

Last week this boy reached 2/3 of a year old.  That is crazy!  Crazy and wonderful.  The Wife posted a great update with lots of deets here, but here's a mini-report from Daddy-o.

Our mini-CAG is on the move.  He's been army-crawling and scooting and rolling around for a long while, but in the last few weeks he has officially started crawling, and is often exercising his legs by standing against furniture and walking along things.  That whole one-foot-in-front-of-the-other thing is going to be no problem for him in the weeks to come, which is just amazing to me.  It's so interesting to realize that he basically knew nothing when he arrived, and that everything he sees is for the first time, and he actually has to learn everything.  He's talking and laughing (and only occasionally crying, and sometimes it's tricky to actually figure out just why), and it's very sweet to find him after a nap just sitting quietly and happily near the corner of his crib playing with his starfish.  He's eating more and quite well, trying purees and solids and frozen veg in the mesh feeder, and of course he has a great time making a nice mess about it all.  He loves to wiggle, which makes baths and diaper changing/dressing a challenge, and sometimes a two-person task, but it's always fun.  I've been trying to remember to sing more to him, and have recently introduced him to the magic of classic Disney animation.  So far he's only seen bits and pieces here and there, but he seemed pretty amused by the fairest one of all, or at least certain parts.  The opening credits especially seemed hilarious to him.

And now, time for some recent photos pilfered from my fancy new Instagram account!  Oh, this boy.
Santa bum!  Christmas pajamas are still in style as long as they fit, especially if they go on clearance sale the week after Christmas.

This new picnic basket from Mom doubles perfectly as a toy box/stationary chariot.
Muppet baby!  You make our dreams come true.  He also loves to chew on lotion bottles.
We will be a couple of sad pandas when he grows out of this scrumptious Sunday outfit from Nana Sue.
Thus officially begins the indoctrination of my firstborn.  He's a fan already!  Saturday morning cartoons FTW.
Climbing all the way up!  We have a stairmaster on our hands here.
At work we were all posting a favorite item from our office/cubicle/desk on the team G+ page (the only thing that's been able to persuade me to use Google+ in any significant capacity), and I posted this.  Awwwwww.
We love this boy!  He's a delight and a joy (even when he sometimes wakes up after being put to bed and makes noises for a while that babies make).
I waited too long to do a substantial art of my boy.  I even want to squish his drawn cheeks.
P.S. CHUCK.  We have been watching it.  I like it.  Oh Sarah and Chuck, just love each other.

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