Friday, April 25, 2014

11 Months

This boy has joined me at palindrome level, just one month shy of a year.  The Wife posted a great update here, but here's a quick little post here too.

Our little man is doing great.  He's smiley and mischievous and learning what to do and what not to do, and when to do or not do it.  He's liking a lot of good foods and loves getting around.  He makes funny noises and blows raspberries and says random word-like things.  His flaky scalp is thankfully and blessedly a thing of the past, but now we're working on a perpetually chapped chin (which evidently itches in the night...).  He loves his mommy especially, but he's always glad to see me when I come down from work.
Making our way through the Disney animated canon!  This is from Saludos Amigos.
The Three Caballeros!  This is a perfect time for no pants.
Hey, the boy has to be indoctrinated at some point or other, doesn't he?  Time for a jaunty hat to fit in with Johnnie Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet (in Make Mine Music).
Bobo really is a good baby, and although he has his moments, we're looking forward to his first birthday with great anticipation.  He's more active and curious than ever, and he's been great for babysitters and with visits to family and especially his little-like-him cousins.
We found a fun park nearby with swings, and he wasn't sure about the whole idea...
And then suddenly he was sure.  (See?  He's occasionally unhappy.  We have to document it sometime or other.)
We love you, son!!!  You are a delight to behold for all among your acquaintance (and even, I'm sure, those outside of it).

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