Monday, November 3, 2014

2014: The Halloween of the Hobbits

Halloween has come and gone.  The Wife posted a great little summary with many pictures of the amazing costumes she put together.

This year we were surprised to discover that our new ward wasn't having a Halloween anything, but we found some fun activities to enjoy regardless.  We started a week before by checking out the Pumpkin Parade at the Riverwoods.  It was great to debut our complete costumes and The Wife's workmanship of them.  They turned out just great!  That shirt design she came up with was just perfect, and I felt like I was a kid again when I put on that finished cloak and swished it all around the house.
Princess Leia was kind enough to put down her little Stormtrooper or whatever and take this picture for us at Blickenstaff's.
Right on, Cap.  Right on.
I just love how he's looking at me, I was just trying to get him to look at the camera, ha.  He's probably still wondering where The Beard went.
(We skipped the furry feet idea, trusting that our performance/bare (or bare-ish) feet would sell the look.  We definitely drew a lot of amused glances, especially as they figured out Julie's costume.)

(Also, a word about this event, and the holiday this year in general -- I was pleasantly surprised at the unexpected balance in ratio of Annas to Elsas.  That is all.)

Then we tried out a couple different hayride/carnival/pumpkin patches.  Hee Haw Farms was fun (not free), though the hayride was... so-so.  The animals were a big hit and we were glad to be treated to a free pony ride by a departing family who wasn't going to use their ticket, but the biggest hit of all was the Corn Box (like a sandbox, but with corn instead).  Yes, best thing ever.  I mean, it still gets everywhere, and you might find remnants hours later in pockets and diapers, but it's still tidier than sand, and I think more fun.
So many kids!  Lawlawlawl.
Yes corn yes.
Then we went to another pumpkin patch called... the Pumpkin Patch, which was also fun (and was free) (at least when we went).  Mostly they just sell pumpkins and have picture-taking things, but they also have a hayride, which is a little longer and more fun than the other one.  The Boy wore the same generally concerned expression he did last year on the hayride, but he did enjoy tossing the hay about anyway.  Next year, man, he's going to think Halloween's the best.
There's that generally concerned expression!
Oh mah peeps.

Then we carved pumpkins, and I'm telling you, I think we're going to do this thing on Halloween Eve from now on.  They have hardly any time to go bad and they look just perfect on the big day.  Of course, in future Halloweens with older kid(s), there will be interest in doing them before then, but while we may we shall make traditions how we like them!
I did the dirty work.
The Boy did the dirtier work (which he took quite seriously).
Well, I tried.  It's just as well you can't really see him, he was so done and ready for bed at this point.
Something old, something new.
And then came the day itself!  As I said, we didn't have much of a big activity to go to, so it's a good thing we took advantage of opportunities to show off our costumes beforehand.  We tried to find this informal thing some people in the neighborhood were doing, but in the end we visited Mom and Dad, took some fun pictures, walked around my old trick-or-treating stomping grounds to a few select houses, and then headed home to test out our new location.  Little Mister was quickly able to get the hang of things, and happily knocked at each door.  Everyone loved his little Ringbearer costume, and though he loved to gnaw on his wrapped candies, I think one of his favorite treats was a glowstick bracelet (such a rad idea).  I learned that it's hard to find a balance between taking kids trick-or-treating and being home to give out the treats, but it will probably be easier in future years when we don't both so want to take him around.  Luckily we ended up with not TOO much leftover candy, and we still definitely had more trick-or-treaters than we have in any of our previous neighborhoods in the six Halloweens we've had since we've been married.
Oh man, the gesture.  Great usage of the raked-but-not-yet-bagged leaves.
What's over there??  Isengard?  Are they taking the Hobbits there?
The Wife's costumes were fashionable AND functional.  I don't suppose you see anything in this picture but a blank stretch of lawn and a front porch.

The Wife is Barad-Dur and The Poppy is evidently The Eye.  Scary costume, baby!
Now and then the old phone takes a pretty good picture actually.
Happy Halloween, one and all.  Great job this year, Wife!  You worked hard on these costumes and it totally paid off.  I'm so glad they worked out just how you hoped.  (And thanks to ebay for providing those oh so authentic Leaves of Lorien brooches -- they may fall more idly than they ought, but they were just the right touch.)  Now it's November and hurraaaaaaayyyy I can't wait for winter and Christmastime and our travel plans for Thanksgiving too.

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  1. It will be hard to top these costumes in future Halloweens! But we shall endeavor...