Monday, March 30, 2015

Presenting The Poppy

Three weeks ago tomorrow, this happened:
A.C.G., 8 lbs. 1 oz., 20.5 in.
Poppy no more!  Our little girl arrived right on schedule, and as healthy as can be.  We're so grateful to have our little one here safe and sound and doing so well.
First portrait

*almost winks*
These three...
A few newborn photos my sister took on day 1

Everything went as well as we could have hoped (almost... epidural man...), and The Wife and The Girl are both doing really great.  You can read all about the birth story here.  (And we were excited to welcome a cousintwin on the exact same day in a neighboring state!)  She's sweet and snuggly and wWe really weren't expecting QUITE that head o' hair, but here's hoping it sticks around, ha ha
Heading home (and, with only three of us, an incomplete family photo!)
We're happy to be home (and watching plenty of Parks and Recreation) and big brother is adjusting to life with a little one just fine.  He's usually quite gentle with her, and even though he can sense something is different, and can be a little sensitive sometimes, he's quickly acclimatizing to our new family dynamic.
Adorable art by my sister to commemorate the occasion
We love our beautiful and bright-eyed and dark-haired little girl!  It's already hard to imagine our family without her.
Family of four

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