Wednesday, July 29, 2015

For Four Months

I have another Lessons Learned post a-brewing, but before that, a quick break to celebrate the latest milestone (Wife's post here, with stats and great photos).

Little Miss is four months old a few weeks ago, and she's starting to get to that really especially super cute and funny and adorable and I-can't-stand-it-I-have-to-give-her-kisses-by-the-20s stage.  She is easily rolling over (both ways) and often rotating, and has recently starting gabbing.  Sometimes she just sits and makes strange little dinosaur squeals and grumbles but she's just talking to herself.  She laughs readily at her parents and especially at her brother's silly faces and noises ("Not TOO loud, son..."), and it's easy to see that she's always more and more interested in her surroundings.  This also means that she's starting to get into the stranger danger phase, but she's getting more comfortable with grandparents and aunts and uncles (cousins don't seem to be a problem?).  She sleeps pretty well a lot of the time, though she's entered a sort of phase when it comes to actually going down...  For the life of me I will never ever understand why in the world the natural reaction to exhaustion for babies is to NOT SLEEP.  Just give in!  You will be happier!  We all will!  It's an important life lesson.

Anyway, she eats great, she has slept once or twice through the night (usually with just one or two feedings and/or binky reinsertions... another thing I will never understand, why they spit it out and then fuss because they spit it out), everything else is going as well as hoped and expected.  She has yet to plump up, like both of her chubby same-age cousins, but her weight is average and counteracted by her 100% height.  She has time to add a bit to those rolls.  In the meantime her cheeks are plenty round enough to lay all those kisses on.

She already likes leafing through the pages.
Photo shoot Father's Day present with BB.
Zebra print Kewpie doll
Finally meeting cousintwin Hazel!  Born just a few hours apart, significant difference in size so far.
Hanging out with Mommy and Super Cool Auntie at the Moab pool
Happy little patriot
Words can't say how much we love our little smoochface!  Sometimes Big Brother loves Little Sister a bit more than he realizes ("Not SO close to her face, buddy..."), but they are already great friends and often sit and just stare or laugh at each other.  We're so grateful our little girl is doing so well, and we look forward to the months to come.

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