Friday, August 14, 2015

Month the Fifth for Little Miss

Little Missis getting bigger and cuter (if possible!) every day.  She reached five months this week (Wife's update here) and she's doing fine.  She still resists sleep now and then, but her long stretches are getting more common.  She's rolling all over the place (watch out when she's on the couch or the bed) and she's practically up on her hands and knees at times.  She and her brother love to make each other laugh, and we just sit back and watch in amusement the whole time.  Her lovely dark hair is starting to lighten, which is a bit sad, but she'll wear golden locks just as well as her brother did when his started to change.  She is getting very vocal and loves to make funny dinosaur noises and squeal and laugh (and sometimes whine and cry) (but not that often).
Happy little non-sleeper.

"Here, Baby, have a car.  Have ALL the cars."

Running buddies!

Sunday AM

Tummy flying.

Mommy and her little helper at a local event for Harry's birthday

About to head into the platform.
The sleepiest house-elf (and the littlest Seeker).
Picking blackberries

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We do so love our little one!  I love all the steps along the way, but this is where they really start to get to my favorite stage, I must say.

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