Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Tenth

Our girl is in the double digits.  On the one hand I can't believe she's already almost a year old but on the other hand I can't believe she was born only last year.  She's just such a part of our family now it's hard to imagine it without her (luckily, since she's not going anywhere).

She had a really fun first Christmas and seemed to quite enjoy everything about it (especially the bottom third of the tree), though she's still getting used to the idea of snow, of which we had a blessed abundance this year.  As predicted, she was pretty interested in wrapping paper, though she also really enjoyed her new toys and books.  She has a hearty appetite these days, when it's something she's interested in, though she sometimes prefers to be held while eating.  She's super active and loves to follow people around and discover them when they've gone to another part of the room or behind a door.  She seems to like it when I sing to her (more than I remember her brother liking it), and she can often be heard giggling heartily or sighing wistfully, which are both completely charming in their own way.  The other day we left her with Mom and Dad while we went to Star Wars and dinner and she was perfectly fine the whole time.  Yay!  It's just nice to know she's okay with being left places for a few hours (though we were quite glad to squish her again when we came back) (thanks as always, by the way, Mom and Dad).

As ever, The Wife's update is here, but here are a few Insta/phonepictures:
Sometimes I just want to stare at them and remember every single little thing.
Fun li'l Santa pile.
Yes, maybe these presents were more for our amusement, but they liked them too.
Just being happy with her new octopus
New fleecy hoodie from Grandma!  I think she likes it.
Baby, what are you doing to me?!?
I guess she wasn't really interested in sitting up any more.
She's such a smooch I can hardly stand it, and even though she's been having an issue or two with sleeping (most of the brunt of which falls on The Wife since it's mostly to do with naps... sorry, Wife), and she is starting to act a little more independent and willful (the dramatic dodges at mealtimes), she is usually pretty easygoing and sweet and funny, and she and The Boy love to talk and play and giggle together.  Sometimes I'm blown away by how beautiful and clever and sweet this girl of ours is.

As a preview for month 11, just last night she kept me up to the wee-ish hours, when she was mostly happy in her second wind but not really interested in sleep, and making it known whenever I tried to put her down, but I was eventually able to sort of trick her into nodding off and then crawled ever so slowly and quietly out of the room before she could protest, but really (though I was tired and a little frustrated at the time) I think she might have been saying "Da!" in that sweet little voice of hers, and she was quite snuggly, and I don't always get these opportunities since most of the time she prefers Mommy, so I guess I better step back and be grateful for it all.  All too soon she'll be where her brother is and we'll be wondering where our baby girl went.

P.S. Again I feel like The Wife needs some props.  It's hard these frigid days to be inside for most of the time, and the cabin fever can start to affect all parties involved, so I'm amazed as always at what she can do, even when it's challenging. :*

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