Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Double-one / Valentines 2016

Well, our girl is just one month shy of hitting the big birthday, but before that here's her 11-month update, with some delicious Valentine's Day sprinkled over the top.  (Wife's blogpost is here.)

This girl is on the mooooove.  She crawls all over the place and at the time of her monthiversary was this close to taking those first few steps.  She isn't a very picky eater, though she does like variety and will often protest unless we break up the monotony by giving her bites of different things.  Her naps are hit-and-miss, but she sleeps quite well during the night.  As I said in the ten-month post, there have been a few times lately when she has been very vocal about bedtime and not wanting to put herself to sleep, and even resisting being put to sleep, but we calm her down and I've been really glad to take chances to put her down myself, not even bothering to rush because I realized with work and everything we don't get all that much daddy-daughter time, and those lovely and (eventually) quiet times come into my mind and linger there often for days after.  Oh, the soft and snoozy snuggles.  She and Big Brother are becoming really good friends and just sit there and laugh at each other, which never ceases to amuse Mom and Dad, and she is usually quite resilient whenever she happens to receive (on purpose or not) a bonk or a bop or a push or a kick).  She's starting to get into books, turning pages, admiring the interactive elements, even responding and making animal sounds (lion so far, and it is adorable).
There are few things these two love better than the car carts at Maceys.
I love whenever we get a chance to put these li'l Hmong hats on my babies!
Entranced by waking up to snow.
Just waiting for Mommy to get up from her well-deserved weekend sleep-in...
And then we had Valentine's Day!  There was a surprise snowstorm and we stayed home most all the day long and just enjoyed each other's loving company.  The kids were very excited to give Mommy her sundries (and some had to be a little late in coming, what with certain treats being hard to find every year for some reasons none of which being that I procrastinated and actually might have forgotten this year), and as per our usual tradition The Wife and I watched a Disney movie (Lady and the Tramp this year),
It was very important to him that Kitty had her socks on.
All my Valentines!  Not counting the balloon "cat" from Pizza Pie Cafe the night before.
Love is in the air and our smoochface only increases it so!  Is it so weird that it's already almost March??

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