Friday, December 23, 2016

Giving Thanks 2016

Quick, before it's Christmas!

Thanksgiving was a great time, so here's a quick rundown for posterity.
Halloween leftover.  I guess it didn't make it through the fall OR the varmints.
We started the day out with our 2nd annual T-Gives Day Murdock Canal Trail Turkey Trot/Fun-Run/Walk/Stroll/Bike/Meander (name is a WIP)and it was a hit! It was freezing at the start but cleared and warmed up just in time for the pumpkin streusel muffins.  My time was something or other and I came in second again to Katy (who ran even farther than necessary, hard to believe anyone could misinterpret my on-the-spot hand-drawn mile markers!), with Penneh and Smoochface along for the final stretch.  Thanks to everyone for coming and joining in!  I may expand in future to friends and such if people are interested.
Runners and walkers!
Teamwork for two years running!
Then we had time to get ready for dinner which was of course amazing.
Om nom.
Then we heard there wasn't a pumpkin pie on the menu so The Wife whipped one up with stuff we just happened to have around the house, NBD.  Also a BUTTERBEER PIE.  It was as delicious as it sounds, as were the leftover filling and topping on egg nog and/or peppermint ice cream.
There were so many desserts it was amazing I tried every one some more than once.

Then it was Black Friday and it was all happeniiiing.
Apparently it's the tallest Christmas tree in Utah, thus saith the governor.
Keeping Kitty nice and safe.
Then this wasn't really Thanksgivingish but it was during the break, so there you go.  We saw Moana!  I loved it.  It was just what I was hoping for and expecting and I'm probably the only person around who's waiting for Christmas to get/listen to the soundtrack.  I look forward to seeing it again and I think the kids will love it.
And that's that for now!  I'm so thankful for so many things and I'm glad for a day set aside to remember to focus on gratitude.

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