Tuesday, April 4, 2017

2! (and 36)

Quick, before it's April!!!  Oh wait... Before it's Easter, then?

We had our Smoochface's big #2 birthday a few weeks ago (and her checkup just last week -- all well and healthy, though she was no fan of being laid down on the examination table... being examined in our arms was no problem) and we're only just starting to realize we can't really call her Baby anymore, though of course we still do.  She's sweet and funny and chatty and really active (her jumping!  Hahaha) and she loves being outside and eating what and how much she's in the mood for, she's sleeping great and happily when it's time.  We had a bit of a recent false start with potty training, but she's definitely on schedule to be ahead of Big Brother when it comes down to it.  She loves Nursery and Foxy and books, and she would gladly sit in the little swing on the playset for hours and hours on a nice spring day.  She can be quite vocal about letting everyone know when she's upset about something, but she takes a few minutes of quiet time and cools down and all is smiles and sunshine.

Blurry but still cute.  She loves her mommy (but she loves me too).
They love to toy store so much.

Always always loving books. 
Introducing Bear to bear.
Free Zoo Day is the best, but that poncho is even more best.
She was really into the lion statue.
Her first real visit to the movies!  She walked up and down the stairs a bit but she was quiet and squealed with glee every time one of the very recognized songs started.
After a year of listening, meeting The Girl at last
She might not have been a big fan of the cake this year but we sure were.
 Oh my, she's such a scrumptious smooch.  Lately I've been wondering if she'll end up being our only girl for some reason or other, but if she does, she's a good one.

 Oh, and this happened too:
Work is so nice about celebrating birthdays.
This is so fun.  I died of dysentery on my second turn.  So, you know, just like the real game.
Amazing cake, anxiety-ridden movie experience, new running gear. 
I turned 36.  *confetti*

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