Monday, July 3, 2017

Surprise Arrival

Quick, before it's July!  ... Before it's July 4th?

M.D.G., 8 lb 2 oz, 20 in
We had a baby.  He is super cute and super sweet and was in a reeeeal hurry to get here (read all about the amazing delivery here -- spoiler alert: my wife is a champion).  We thought it would be fun to not say a thing about it on social media and then just have a big surprise announcement, and you know what?  It WAS fun.  Of course family knew and it became increasingly difficult to hide the impending events from some friends who we saw in person, but it was still preeeeetty satisfying to drop this post on the Insta:
So he came right on schedule and we were basically in and out of the hospital and back home with our other two hooligans who just love baby brother, especially Little Girl, who can't stop asking to hold him, though the holding never seems to last too long.  It's been interesting to see the difference in how the two of them have reacted, and I suppose it will continue to be just that.

For those who wonder, we had the perfect girl name picked out so of course when we knew who we were expecting we had to shift gears, and there's no real explanation to his name other than that we liked the sound of the first name and then in a random association game of things we love we thought of the second one and then they sounded so nice together and had such a solid meaning that we had to go with it, and it has matched him perfectly so far.  (Cryptic enough?)
Now and then we just say, "Um, we have three kids."

Highlights from his Day 1 photoshoot by Auntie.  She also made an awesome little video with some footage she took.

Striking a pose.
Such a wise little face, with a touch of sleepy.
We had Grandma visiting for a week or so after the birth day, which was lots of fun and so very helpful.  The day she left we looked at each other and the three kids around us and were suddenly like, oh...

But so far so good!  He had his two-week checkup today and he's gaining weight and is very tall and has nice coloring and is eating like a champ and sleeping in between and overall a good boy, for which we are very grateful and hope will continue.
The best kinds of Father's Day presents.  Our belated celebration was a home run by The Wife.

Already outgrowing his newborn clothes. *sigh*
And that's our (second) boy.  One more to carry on the name, and bring us so much joy along the way.
First official portrait.  That pointy li'l chin!

Add him to the roster.  This boy is loved.
Until next update.

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