Sunday, May 17, 2009

Twin Mommies

I promise a roadtrip update is on the way, but on this lovely Sabbath morning, I had to post this while it's still fresh news.

I have two younger sisters who are twins. They are best friends. Melody has been married for about four years, and Emily about three. They both have big, exciting news this year.

Melody and Jonny welcomed Gabriel Jonathan Rejholec into the world yesterday at just after 7 am. He was a big boy at 8 lbs. 12 oz. and 19.5 inches. I wasn't around for Melody's last pregnancy (Julia was already almost a year old when I came home from Wisconsin), so it was fun to be here for this one and see her quite large baby belly and look forward to the Little Bother's imminent arrival. Melody was really looking forward to the baby coming already, so she was really excited when he came on his own and didn't need to be induced. Both mommy and baby are healthy and happy, and I look forward to seeing them when they're up for visitors at home, hopefully later this afternoon. This evens up the nephews/nieces count to an even 5/5.

Next on the horizon, and what will surely tip the scales in the nephew/niece ratio:

Emily!!! Pregnant! Showing a tummy! This is really big news also, for reasons most of you probably already know. (Interestingly, I almost gave this news away over a month ago when I didn't realize it wasn't quite public knowledge yet.) Emily and KC have been trying for months and years to have a baby and later decided they had to try other options, including IVF or adoption. They were having so much trouble with the fertilization techniques that they were trying for adoption, which turns out to be quite expensive and also rather involved a process. So after being approved for the adoption agency, and yet again playing the waiting game, they decided to give IVF a fourth and final try, and Emily finally received the news that she was expecting. And not only that, but expecting three. That's right, triplets! When it rains, it pours, I guess! The ridiculous doctors are suggesting some hideous idea of selective reduction (read: abortion), but Emily is dead-set against that. These three are definitely the work of God, and she's determined to let them enter the world. She and KC are going to have their hands full with three all at once, but they have certainly waited long enough for them! Miracles happen! Emily, I always knew this would happen for you, I just had this feeling, I can even remember when and where it came to me, it felt so real.

My little sisters are mommies! Woot!


  1. (Emily and Melody's friend) I found out Emily was pregnant from your previous post! I think it was the part about more(?!) nieces and nephews on the way... I texted Melody right away who then called Emil who then called me and confirmed my suspicions! Thanks Drew!

  2. YAY! They are cute. And yes, I guess no matter what, Emily's babies will tip the scale. Just how FAR is the question .. .

  3. Hee hee. We'll find out next week how far the scales will tip!

  4. interesting blog, i enjoyed reading it...

    i also got married when i was 28 under similar circumstances.