Sunday, July 27, 2008

If anyone deserves to be parents...

...these two do.

This is my younger sister Emily and her husband of 2 1/2 years, KC. They have been trying for years now to have a baby and, for many reasons, aren't meeting success. Emily posted this on her blog last week about their hopes for future adoption. If you read or follow any of my family's blogs, you may have read about this already, but I wanted to help spread the word. Apparently the adoption process is very expensive and difficult, and even the most capable and qualified parental candidates have trouble starting a family. They say word-of-mouth among the best ways for these things to happen, so please read Emily's blog and let me or her know if you know of any adoption possibilities.

Like I said, if anyone deserves to start a family, these two do. They are financially stable, morally sound, and want only to raise a family to the love of God. Honestly, in these days when moral-less he-shes can be inexplicably impregnated and become celebrities on top talk shows, and when skanky teenyboppers can get kicked off their highly-rated kids' TV show because of their unplanned pregnancy and then be featured on a sickeningly and inappropriately adorable People cover, it is just painful when people who are ready, able and willing are unable to start a family.

Emily and KC, I know this is going to happen for you, I just feel it. Somehow, it will happen.


  1. Thanks Drewy! It means a lot to us that we have support and hope from our families. It could drive a person crazy thinking about all those things going on in the world. We know it will happen too. Thanks for the reaffirmation. It will be a very exciting day.

  2. I hope everything works out for Emily. Your mom was talking to me about the exact same things that bother her. Why is it that way? Well, I don't really know, but I do know that when they DO get their child, they be very appreciative of it and have a lot of blessings come from this process. I will keep my ears open!

  3. this is so sweet of you to say. I know a lot of people who have been successful at finding a child to adopt. I think they will be able to find someone as long as people are spreading the word.

  4. I do wish Emily and her husband the best... We have SEVERAL friends working with alternative methods of getting pregnant and are in the same boat...

    but on another note...that second paragraph you wrote is pretty "loaded".

    I honestly don't think that God gives us children on the basis if we are "moral" or not, nor should it ever be that way. And it's not really our decision on "who" should get children. It might be totally unfair on who actually does, but life seems to bend toward "unfair" quite often. But maybe we should talk about this in a different venue. I don't want to in any way make light of what your sister is currently going through. I do wish her all the best.

  5. Loaded schmoaded. It's true, life often isn't fair, but there are times (and you surely must agree) when it seems like people are being glorified and glamorized for inappropriate behavior, and it trivializes family and truth, so yeah, it bugs a little.

    It's definitely true, God doesn't give people children based on whether or not they're completely morally sound (or none of us would have them, I guess), but it doesn't seem fair sometimes when people who are capable and want it so bad can't have what other people have by twisting and perverting the powers with which God has entrusted us.

    That is all.