Monday, June 1, 2009


I have really big news to publish later, but before I do that, I want to post this.

For the first time in, ummm, like five years, I am gainfully employed. To me this means that I have a job that I go to, then I do some work, then I come home and then every couple weeks I get a steady paycheck. I am so stoked to count myself among the employed again, and while I still have high ambitions for the subject of my education, this is a really good opportunity to get my feet on the ground after a long year of school with dubious results, and also to make some money for... the future. Legacy Directories is a local company that makes phone books for several communities in many states (and even some for Canada). Elise has been working for them for several months, and they have been clients of Dad's for many years, and they have been looking for more advertisement designers. We had played phone tag for the last part of the semester, but honestly, I couldn't have hoped to work during school this year. Turns out they were looking to hire in late May (which worked out perfectly for my roadtrip plans), and when I finally had an interview, it went really well. I waited to hear from them, and I was hired just in time to work one whole day before taking off (taking another of their designers with me) to the west coast! I was kind of hoping for (read: expecting) them to hire me if they were looking for another artist, since they just love Dad and have only the nicest of things to say about Elise. I guess I have some expectations to meet, but I'm down with that.

So now, not only am I working, but I am working in an actual art-related field! My aesthetic sensibilities are actually being put to use, and I'm getting paid to use them! I can afford gas and other necessities of life! It's honestly kind of an adjustment to get used to working every day again, especially in a 9 to 5 capacity, but it's an adjustment I'm more than willing to deal with. One thing that I am having a hard time acclimating to (which I expected) is using a Mac. Dooooh, that spinning rainbow of death... And to those who think Macs are so much more user-friendly than PCs and that they never ever crash, I'm now convinced you're living in a dream world. Still, I feel like I'm already getting a hang of the network and system there, and Elise is a great trainer. I feel so lucky to also get to work side by side with my little sister! We're just such wonderful friends, and now she can pay back all the artistic advice and counsel I gave her growing up by directing me and teaching me the ways of the graphic design side of things.

Yay for having a job and making money and being an asset to the community.


  1. That is AWESOME! I am so happy for you. And it's even better that you get to work with Lili. Now you get to deal with all the Planned Parenthood customers as well. Ha! Good job Drew!

  2. YAY! You are doing a job I always thought would be fun. You know, it is part of the editing spectrum, or whatnot.

  3. You're totally right, Emily, I do get to deal with them, in fact, I had my first encounter with them yesterday, only my second day in the office. I even spoke to them in Spanish! And Cami, yes, I always thought some kind of marketing or advertising would be pretty fun too. So far, so good!

  4. Woot woot for employment! What a blessing, especially in a not-so-spiffy economy. Good on yez.

    OK, we all know it already, so g'wan and tell us you popped the question. ;)

  5. Congratulations! You will have a blast. I've been a graphic designer for 7 years, but I've been doing a lot less of the actual designing for the last couple years because I'm managing the creative group at our company. That's using a lot more of my babysitting skills than my art skills. I miss it! You will obviously rock at this job with your raw, exceptional talent.

  6. Hooray for a job! I'm glad that I'm not the only one who can see Macs for what they are (They are computers, with just as many advantages and disadvantages as PCs!). I'm so sick of hearing how "perfect" they are. :P