Monday, June 22, 2009

In Memoriam

Just over two weeks ago, my grandpa Walter Scott Barrett passed away as a result of an ongoing battle with cancer. His condition from the time I left on my mission to the time I returned, and especially in the last year of being home, had been in continual, but fairly gradual decline, and we were expecting the hear the news at any time. His letters were an inspiration to me in the hard times in Wisconsin, and he always wrote of perseverance and hard work. He was always interested in what was going on, whether I was training, preparing a family to be baptized, or just battling sub-zero degree weather. In part my namesake (we share middle names), he was all that a grandpa should be. He loved his grandchildren, but he wasn't afraid to say what was necessary to keep them in line. He will be greatly missed, but he is without a doubt happy and safe now, continuing in the work in which he so heartily believed during his life on earth. He has left a lasting impression on me and all those he knew. He loved life, art, family, and faith. His short-lived blog is truly a treasure trove of wisdom among the dregs of online rubbish that can be so easily accessed these days. I love reading his straight-forward and well-directed thoughts on the state of the world and our place in it. We've had the great pleasure of Grandma Julie staying with us at the house for the last week or two while she gets her bearings straight and begins the adjustment to her new life, but I have to say that both she and Mom are doing really well. It's times like these that it really helps to have the proper perspective and to understand the Gospel and the Plan of Salvation. He's not really that far away. The funeral service was really nice, all of his children were present, and there was a nice military tribute. There were those present who might have felt uncomfortable with the outright mention of faith and Gospel and Savior, but that was who Grandpa was and is, and that's what he believed. We'll miss him, but we know we'll see him again.

Thanks for everything, Grandpa Scott. You are an example of enduring to the end and living life the way that our Savior wants us to.

A few of my sisters have blogged about Grandpa in far finer fashion than I could, so I encourage you to read on there (here, here and here).

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  1. I'm so sorry for your family's loss. It eases the pain to remember that he's not really that far away, but you still can't help but miss being able to visit or call or even e-mail once in a while.