Sunday, July 5, 2009

Only Six Short Months Later

Remember how this movie was supposed to be released in theaters like six months ago? Yeah, I'm still bitter about their reasoning for postponing it. (Better market in the summer? Better than the holidays? Whatev.) Nevertheless, I can't let that annoyance taint my anticipation for the movie finally coming out next week. The trailers and pictures being released are making it look better and better, and last night, Julie and I stopped by and bought our tickets for opening night! At last! Hurrah. I'm even halfway through re-reading it so I'll be all ready to go. Just ten more days!


  1. About freaking time. Last time I saw a H.Potter movie was...lessee.. oh! After you sang at the Orem shenanigan. Fun.

  2. I still maintain that the delay is, in the end, a goodish thing for the following reasons:

    1) Watching it together will be better than watching it separately and talking about it later.

    2) Now I can see it with superfans like myself, instead of Friends Who Like It but Will Mostly Just Be Putting Up With My Enthusiasm.

    3) Seeing it at Towne Centre is better than anywhere else. Anywhereeeee.

    4) What else would we have to look forward to this summer, huh? Huh??

  3. 1) That is definitely true.

    2) That is also true, our party will be the coolest and most excited group of adults to ever see a HP movie.

    3) I still am surprised at how ambivalent I am about abandoning our Jordan Landing tradition, but it's just too far.

    4) Good point, there's nothing else exciting AT ALL going on this summer...


    Less than a week now!!!

  4. I just bought our tickets too. Are you going to the midnight showing? Sorry, that was a dumb question, of course you are! Have a fantastic time!

  5. Actually Jann, that's not a dumb question at all. The answer is no, we're not going to the midnight showing. It's hard for a lot of people to understand, but we've always had a tradition to go on opening night rather than the midnight show. It's just something exciting about the anticipation of the actual opening day and all. Plus, I get too tired at night these days, ha ha.

  6. I got your announcement in the mail and it's awesome, I'm so excited for you! I will see if I can make it, but I'm not entirely sure when kiddo will make an appearance :) Congratulations!