Friday, September 18, 2009

Moste Disappointed

It's been a little while... Of course, the thing that gets me to blog again is TV...

Last night was a big night of season premieres. While I can safely say I was quite satisfied with Survivor Samoa, The Office has really let me down. I think I laughed a total of one time, and even then it was half-hearted. Alas, has the greatest comedy on TV jumped the shark?? Say it's not so! Everyone was out of character, the whole thing was uncomfortable and awkward the entire time, and they've been pushing Michael and Dwight's characters way too far lately, even for Michael and Dwight. *sigh* I'm holding out for improvement as the season goes on, but allow me to register my disappointment.

Oh, The Office! What has happened to you??


  1. You're crazy. Andy jumping into an empty refrigerator box? Michael calling the interns Jet Li and Julia Stiles? Pam apologizing to Michael for not telling him sooner? (Because of course he's equally important in this.) Not to mention: “And that is what makes (Spartacus) such a great whodunit!” and "Who’s been saying there’s another person inside of me, working me with controls?” And also, uncomfortable awkwardness is the entire ESSENCE of The Office!
    So yeah, agree to disagree, friend. From where I sit, the Office is back in a big fat awesome way.

  2. Uncomfortable awkwardness, maybe. Painful awkwardness, no. Still, you remind me of some memorable moments, but obviously they weren't enough to sustain it as an entire episode for me. I think it started to go downhill last season, though I never finished an episode disappointed until last night. *sob*

  3. It's true, there were some funny moments. I liked the attempts at Parkour and I always like Jim and Pam.

    But I do think overall it was more uncomfortable than funny. Awkwardly funny is a trademark of the Office, but in the past I think the two have been blended a lot more successfully (like Dwight reading everyone's medical issues aloud or Michael instigating Yankee Swap at the Christmas party). Lately (I mean starting in season 5 primarily) the storylines have been more helter skelter and less satisfying. For me anyway. But it's hard to top season 2.

    I guess what I'm saying is that lately I've done a lot more cringing and a lot less laughing.

    PS: Dare I say it, but in the premiere John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer seemed just a wee bit bored.

  4. They DID seem a little bored, and even more awkward together. That whole shotgun wedding dialogue was so weird.

    More cringing and less laughing, that's what it the problem is.

  5. Jonny and I thought the season opener was kind of a downer. We left it feeling a little depressed, actually. But I did laugh aloud several times. Hopefully next episode I'll laugh aloud DOZENS of times, as usual.

  6. Never really got into the office because this is exactly how I felt after the one episode that I watched. Everyone hyped it up and I just sat there thinking, "This is so awkward, why does everyone love it?"