Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two New Things that I Love

I promise that wedding/honeymoon posts are on their way, but for now I wanted to blog really quickly about two new acquisitions that I'm already really in love with.

The first one is this:

It's a Borg Pedestal Tower Fan with Remote Control from Bed Bath and Beyond. It has saved our hides these last few days in our little apartment, which doesn't allow for much circulation and has no air conditioning. It has an oscillating feature and three speeds, as well as a setting where it will alternate between the three speeds for a Natural Breeze effect. With it blowing next to the bed, it's like sleeping on a tropical island. I love it.

The second is this:

The Wife! I've always wanted one, especially these most recent years. (I know this kind of makes it sound like I feel like I own her, but it's totally not so, it's in fact just the other way around.) This photo was taken on the evening of the 15th after we had made it to Salt Lake and had just finished pulling 80-something bobby pins out of her hair. Isn't she adorable?

So yes, those are two new things in my life that I really love. For the record, in case you hadn't guessed, I love the second one a lot more than the first.


  1. I'd HOPE! But that fan is cool. I saw one at Lili's.

    You know, back in the day, we newlyweds were neither seen nor heard, but now with the facebooking and blogging and whatnot, we get to hear about your mushiness all the time! Hmmm . . . we'll just have to see if that's such a good thing . . .

  2. question: how much was that fan? we also are dying in our non-air conditioned apartment and the fans we have just are not cutting it.

    p.s. CONGRATS!

  3. Oh, the bobby pins! I remember Jonny helping me unload my hair as well.

    Julie is darling and I am SO happy for you two. I was thinking about that last night as I fell asleep.

  4. Cami: Oh you may not remember, but we were most definitely exposed to a great deal of mushiness when you were newlyweds. We remember with perfect clarity.

    Suzy: It was 49.99, and money well spent!

    Melody: Funny, I think that same thing each night before I go to bed too.

  5. cute wife. fun fan. come over any time you need to cool off.