Thursday, January 7, 2010

We Wish You a Merry Christmas...

Christmas! It was here! It was glorious. We spent a lot of time at Mom's house with family and friends and helping with Emily and her visiting triplets, but we wanted to spend our first Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning together at our little place. First, though, I was glad to show Julie some of the traditional Graham family Christmas Eve festivities (seeing a movie matinee, this year The Princess and the Frog -again!- and with just a few of us; cheese fondue with everyone at Cami's house; opening pajamas/t-shirts from Mom).

(Note the two pregnant sisters belly-to-belly in the middle.

After, we headed back down to Provo. The tree was lit, the nog was poured, the night was lovely. We woke up uncharacteristically early for a non-workday (though uncharacteristically late for a Christmas morning, I guess) and were just amazed to see that Santa Claus had visited us after all, which must have been quite a trick not revealing to us that he was here until morningtime.

We went back to Mom's house for continued Christmas Day gatherings, where I ate way too many pullaparts and Julie fell asleep on me as we sat visiting on the couch, after which I shortly followed suit...

As shown here:
It was the best Christmas ever! And here's to many more! Even though I received my greatest present just over four months ago, it was as exciting as ever to wake up next to her on Christmas morning.

God bless us, everyone!


  1. Awesome.

    Now seriously coveting that "to arr is pirate" T-shirt. Cafepress, don't fail me now.

  2. Aw, so sweet. We feel the same as you about your best present.

  3. Isn't a cozy, quiet Christmas with your love just perfect? The family stuff is so fun, but there's something just right about being at your very own home for the holidays.

  4. Lovely! I like the pic, it should be next year's card!