Friday, March 5, 2010

No Snow!

Even though the title of this blogpost certainly does not apply to recent weather, I wanted to report briefly on our latest race.

On 27 February, Julie and I met up with Rolla friend Allison and her friend to run the UVU/Habitat for Humanity No Snow Indoor 5K.  There were two completely indoor routes, one with stairs and one without, and the course ran a few loops around UVU campus.  I've never done an indoor race, so we all decided to go with the stairs route for a new challenge.  We all had fun, but I suspect foul play as far as the logistics...  The organization was a little lax (they didn't distribute numbers or have an official timer at the finish line, not to mention I think I ran one of the last laps an extra time, leading to a much longer time than usual), but it was only ten dollars and they still gave us t-shirts and a pancake breakfast!  In the end, I think my adjusted time was about 24:20something, which is not as good as my regular rate, but I think I expected a little longer due to the stairs, which did make the course quite a lot more challenging, and I did finish in the top 10 overall.  I also think it might be better for your pace to run in the out of doors.

For some ridiculous reason, they decided to draw the raffle winners while everyone was still running the race (???) but they announced the winners again, you know, after everyone actually finished and stuff.  Imagine our amazement when we BOTH won something!  Sure, they were just a UVU t-shirt and hoodie, but our names are never called!  It was very exciting.

Anyway, next up:  Shamrock Shuffle in Logan!  Who's with us??

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  1. That second picture is so totally candid. Absolutely.