Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Set of WTH?

Sometimes the internet produces the most amusing things.  Sometimes it produces bewildering things.  Here are a few things that have lately crossed my path:

• WTH #1

In an email from netflix:

Drew, based on your interest in The Passion of the Christ
We think you'll enjoy Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Yeah, since they're totally related and stuff...

• WTH #2

Two random anonymous comments on my blog:

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... Because of course I need moderators for my insanely busy and high-traffic blog, and of course who doesn't want to be happy and lucky, and take a joint chance to get rid of the nastiness of life??  Lucky you're!

• WTH #3

This graphic of book covers labeled "The Best Books Ever Written," presumably randomly generated by ratings of users...

One of these things is CERTAINLY not like the others.  There is something so wrong here.  In what universe is Twilight considered in even the same sphere as The Book of Mormon (let alone To Kill a Mockingbird,  Pride & Prejudice and The Lord of the Rings)?  I would like to see who these 28,993 voters were...


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. (Sorry, I added more to my previous comment, so I deleted the old one.)

    To quote the lady from Dennys, "That's crime!" Those are all ridiculous, especially The Passion vs. Sparticus! Totally lame. And I think most educated Twilight fans would even feel outraged that their fluffy novel is being categorized with the Book of Mormon and Pride and Prejudice. I hope most people would see the writing quality and depth of those, and realize how wrong it is. It is like putting Pokemon in the same category with Van Gogh and Monet! Or the Back Street Boys with Mozart or Bernstein!

    (Also, my word verification is "grestizi" which sounds like some delicious pasta dish or something Italian.)

  3. Sadly, the 28,993 voters are the same people who voted for the Book of Mormon. They're in your ward, man. :(

  4. I love this. I was laughing so hard reading that message. And how right you are about Twilight. That's hilarious.