Friday, April 30, 2010

Three Babies Redux

Last week younger sister Emily and her husband KC came back to visit from Maryland, with three babies in tow!  They are so much bigger and fatter and more responsive and happier than last time, when they were preemie newborns!  See for yourself!

!!!!!  Those faces!  Ruby's is the best in the picture.  They'll be here for a few weeks and we're so excited to see them all again so soon!

Then we decided to take a picture of all the nieces and nephews who were born in the last year:

L-R:  Penny, Brady, Alex, Bennett (tell me if I mixed those two up, Emily!), Ruby, Gabe

There were a couple other pictures later, but immediately after this was taken, Gabe started freaking out and everyone starting putting their hands over their faces, so this is the best one we took.  I'm sure someone else of the many of us who were taking pictures has some to share too.

And Cami had one just a year before that!  I think we're good on babies in this family for a while.


  1. A bit staggering, seeing them all lined up like that. Wow. Gabe is their king.

  2. So cute and funny to have so many at once! "Give me all the toys..."