Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wii Bought a New Toy

Before I get to my highly-anticipated thoughts on Toy Story 3 etc., I should share this bit of exciting and ground-breaking news from a few weeks ago.  Sorry to those who may have been tricked by my sneaky facebook status update ("Drew Graham and The Wife are pleased to announce a new addition to the family.  It starts with W and ends with two Is," but you know how it is when you're newly-weds.  If people are going to keep asking us if we're having a baby, I'm going to have a little fun with it.), but here it is!

*cue 2001 theme*
The Wife has been wanting one for quite some time now, and since she provides a significant chunk of the income anyway, it's not like I could be like, "Um, NO."  This is a partnership, and anyway, sometimes it's fun to make relatively big/fun purchases together.  We found a great bundle deal online, and then began the waiting, but before too long, it finally arrived:
So excited!  Just to open the box!  Those who know me well know this is a HUGE step for me.  This is the first gaming system ever for which I've participated in the purchase.  Video games have just never been in my realm of interests, and as they simply were not a mainstay in my house growing up, I've just never cared much about them.  But after a little coaxing and convincing, I realized that if I were to invest in or care about any gaming system, it would certainly be the Wii.*  The games seem so much more active and interactive, and seem to be less time-consuming and addicting.  The growing feeling we had made a good decision was corroborated when we woke up the morning after first playing with sore muscles from good, wholesome activity (canoeing is really a workout).  As we only have a couple of games as yet, my favorite activities so far have been wakeboarding, swordplay, frisbee, archery, and of course table tennis and boxing.  I'm even improving a little when it comes to Mario Kart (if there's a ledge, I guarantee I'll fall off of it).  I've had a great time already making Miis (my cast of LOST character-based Miis is building up quite nicely, and Julie's original characters are ever amusing), and the free netflix instant streaming disc has already proven useful and convenient (and what great picture quality!).  We had a great time when Mom and Dad came over to try it out.  They are quite good at tennis, and take it really seriously.

Like I said, I think it was a good decision.  How could I ever have denied or refused this excitement?
She calls it Twii.

* I still think the spelling is kind of dumb, by the way, but I get it now, thanks to a little explanation from Julie. 


  1. Hubby and I picked up a Wii earlier this year. No regrets, especially regarding the Wii Fit and the way it handles Netflix movies. Plus the niece, who is highly competitive, has to be dragged off the thing. Hope you have fun with yours!

  2. Sweet! Lets trade Wii numbers...though I don't actually know any purpose that doing that serves. You're welcome to borrow Lego Batmn, if you're ever inclined. It's fun with 2 players. I also recommend World of Goo on the Nintendo store thing there. Also fun on the wii, with 2 players.

  3. Good choice on a console. Your post inspired me to look up the history of the Wii, and it really is clever of them, creating a video game system that is enjoyable for ALL ages and gamers, with a different game style for each of them. I mean, can you imagine an elder person buying a Xbox or PS3? And how the double 'i' is supposed to look like two people standing side by side, and how the name is pretty much recognizable in all languages, and easy for everyone to say, and there is no need to abbreve. Interesting stuff! Lets all play Super Mario Bros. Wii, it is awesome.

  4. Less time consuming and addicting eh? You have not met Super Mario Galaxy, apparently, which has hijacked all THREE boys in my family.

    Other than that, YES it is the best system, I'd say. Let me know if you want Wii Fit or Wii Active to do some working out, because obviously we don't use them anymore.

  5. Erm, we tried Super Mario Galaxy and didn't really get it. We played it for a total of like three minutes. It would be fun to try out Wii Fit or something though.