Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween in Provo

The weekend after our Disneyland trip was of course Halloween proper, and it brought a few key events.

First, on Utah Halloween (Saturday the 30th), we started out with a 5K in Orem--Highway to Hale, sponsored by the Hale Center Theater.  We ran their winter race earlier this year, and were looking forward to their fall offering, when costumes were encouraged.  We decided to go with modified versions of our Harry and Hermione costumes, and met Mom and Dad for a great morning.  The weather was perfect and the crowd was great, and there were some really creative costumes (among our favorites were two guys dressed as Slinky Dog from Toy Story).  Mom and Dad came dressed as...  Mom and Dad, I guess.  It's a pretty fun course, but has a fairly brutal hill at the start of mile 2, but then levels out for the last half mile or so.  According to the results website, I placed third in my age group and 5th overall with a chip time of 22:01 (and a gun time of 22:39).  I was awarded the medal for 1st, since the overall winners were in my age group and they gave them different awards.  Woot!  Julie did great and was in the top 20 of her age group, Mom was in the top 4 of hers, and Dad placed 1st.

And no, we didn't run with our scarves, wands or Snitch.
Go, go, Gryffindor!!!
But yes, I did run with my glasses on, though I didn't realize it until about halfway through, and by then they weren't really bothering me anyway.
Later that day (after a sorrowful, but necessary haircut), we were getting ready for the stake trunk-or-treat, and we were excited to try some new costumes this year.  Usually we go with the tried and true fallback of Harry and Hermione (see above), but last year Julie had a last-minute brainwave and this year we followed through.  So, without further ado, I present to you...
Captain Hammer and Penny!

Stand back, everyone, nothing here to see.  Just imminent danger, in the middle of it: Me.

Will you lend a caring hand?

(If you're among the poor few who still don't know what Dr. Horrible is, by the way, find out.)

Gathering the costume pieces (at least for mine) was something of a labor of love, but we were glad it all finally came together.  We spent a little time at the stake activity and then to the party a friend and her roommates were hosting, and it was gratifying to be recognized in relatively obscure costume choices.

The next day, which was actually Halloween, we celebrated by having Lacie and Leland over for a pumpkin feast, including Dinner-in-a-Pumpkin, Pumpkin Whoopee, a little pumpkin ice cream and of course, leftover pumpkin trick-or-treating candy.  It was delicious (and so were the leftovers).

Almost The Wife is persuading me to like this Halloween thing.


  1. You guys look awesome in your costumes at the race. Great job on your first place!

    (I did not mean to rhyme there. Although I have been known to throw a few couplets together in my day.)

  2. Limericks, yes!

    Okay, to answer your questions concerning my mouse phobia:

    Yes, I think I have always been afraid. But I think the fear has grown through the years. I never held your rats or was particularly terrified by them. But now I would be. I loved the bunnies and I liked the hamsters alright.

    No, I am not afraid of fictional mice in movies and books. I adore many of them. Jonny tells me to picture a mouse with a ping-pong ball helmet riding a motorcycle next time I see one. It's worth a try!

    I am allergic to cats. This is curious, because we had a cat most of my childhood. I think this one developed through the years as well.

  3. I would almost rather do that 10K again than run up that hill. 4 rillz.

  4. Totally agree, lover.

    @Melody: Good thing the fear doesn't distribute to all rodents, or you would have a lot of trouble with those giant mice at Disneyland, ha ha! As for me irrational dislike for frogs, it doesn't extend to cartoon or Muppet amphibians, so that's good. I didn't know you were allergic to kitties either. Interesting how these things develop over time. How malleable the human mind is!

  5. Very awesome. I never did FINISH the whole Doctor Horrible. I ought. AGAIN a race I missed! None of these were my fault. Very sad. I supposed I'm richer.