Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1

I have seen it.  It was amazing.  I looked like this the entire time:  O.O
As much as I complained about them splitting it into two movies, this gave them a lot more time to really show more of the events of the book and develop these kids into the grown-ups they're being forced to become.  Gone are the days of Potions finals and Quidditch matches.  Harry and Co. are have much bigger fish to fry.  In past movies they were able to cut a lot of extra things that didn't really have to do with Harry directly, but in this book, just about everything centers around Undesirable No. 1, so it seems like the right decision to split it up into two (not to mention the obvious financial benefits to breaking your big finale into two huge cinematic events).

Yesterday to get into the spirit of things, I did this during some downtime at work.  It's not anything super special, but it's fun to try new things with layers and shading and gradients, and angsty Harry is always an interesting subject.

We had fun at my first-ever HP midnight showing.  The crowd was energetic but under control, and we had a fun time with the Lius, the Barbers and cousin Britney (we missed Elise and Jeff desperately).  I didn't even feel any overwhelming effects of sleepiness throughout the day.  I kind of thought it might hit me when the 3 pm wall came around, but it wasn't too bad.  Now, at about 11 pm, however...

Today I celebrated Harry Potter Day 2010 by basking in the memories of HP7.1 and by holding a personal iPod HP soundtrack marathon. 175 tracks, 8.5 hours of songs, 7 full (and/or enhanced) chronological scores, 4 different composers, 1 incredible musical journey



  1. I follow your site all the time and saw your post about the latest part of harry potter. and really love it the movie got many harry potter addict...

  2. I can't wait to seeeeee itttt! I am glad you liked it, it is definitely a relief when they do a good adaptation. We wish we could have been there to, ever so much. I like your drawing as well! Very nice.

  3. oh em gee. i can't wait til thanksgiving day.. we are going to feast and then feast again.. on harry potter goodness. mmmm. that will be the mostest bestest day EVER.

  4. The crowds were crazy, the movie was crazy (awesome), and I by the next day I was going crazy from no sleep!

  5. Yes, Accio! It was great. I think next time, I shall play all the HP parts in my theater room nonstop and people can just come and watch whatever whenever for days before and we'll have pumpkin juice and all sorts of HP things. It will be fun.