Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hairs: They Sometimes Go Gray*

Last night I was talking to The Wife when she stopped me mid-sentence and, with much concentration, turned my head to the side.  She slowly examined my head around my temple, and then it happened...

She pulled out a gray hair.
Now I know how Richard felt.  I guess his gray hairs were a lot longer time coming though.  LOST reference!  Oh, how I miss it.
They say going gray is a sign of getting "old," and though I'm not paranoid about turning 30 this year or anything, finding a stray gray did kind of take me by surprise (for all I know, there are a lot more, this is just one that happened to go noticed).  In high school a friend occasionally teased me that I had grayish hair, and I think I might have for whatever reason, but since then it has darkened into a nice, healthy brown.  I guess eventually the time comes for it to slowly go gray for real.  (And this might not actually be my first gray hair, but I'm pretty sure it's the first one that made itself evident and brought itself to my attention.)  Of course I can handle it, as long as it's, you know, slowly.  Now I'm just trying to remember when my dad and older brother started to show some gray hairs.

I guess this means I am all grown up.

* Alternate blogpost titles include "When Good Hairs Go Bad" and "The Graying of the Hairs." 


  1. I can't believe you made it to your 30s with out finding one! But you don't have to sweat it, for some reason men with graying hair is seen as sophisticated. I think so you still have many, many years as a brunette. Have you seen that recent episode of the Simpsons where Marge discoves her gray? It is funny.

  2. Leland has had gray hairs since his 20's. And I found one the other day in my hair too! I guess it just happens when we get older. Sigh. At least we are all going there together.