Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Twenty-Something No More II

So yes, thanks to all for standing by, as I requested in my last post.  I don't know why it takes me so long to follow through with blogposts I want to write, but anyway, here it is.

The Saturday after my birthday we had a bigger sort of birthday celebration.  I was a little anxious about hosting an event because (not to have a pity party here or anything) most times when we've recently tried to throw a party of some kind, the turnout is pretty embarrassing, if any show up at all.  Still, Julie wanted me to have a party for my 30th, and I knew my family would be able to come at least, so we decided to try it anyway.  It started early in the week when we invited dozens, maybe even a hundred friends and family to join in the fun.  We planned to meet at the dollar theater for a matinee showing of Tangled in 3D (we wouldn't have chosen to see it in 3D, but it was the only option available there for some reason), and then would head to our place for cake and ice cream.  It's true that Julie had made a cake on my actual birthday, which we enjoyed very much, but why not make another one for company?  Your birthday comes but once a year, right?  I bought some tickets early in the day, worried that they would sell out by the time the showing started, and on the way finally ran across some of those elusive Girl Scouts selling their cookies.  Score!  I've been carrying cash for weeks waiting for just such a chance meeting, since we missed out last year, never having cash when we saw them.

We met a great group of family and a few friends at the theater and the movie was wonderful as usual.  (The 3D was an unnecessary addition, but it was still pretty fun to see it that way, and for much cheaper than it would have been in the first-run theater.)  We went to our apartment and Julie's cake was quite delicious!  The mayonnaise chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting was a huge hit, and the strawberries added the perfect touch.  What a success.  I was glad not to have to blow out 30 candles, and the kids were glad for the miniature cupcakes we bought in case the cake ran out.  I was a little bummed that a small fraction of the invited people attended, and most of the people who actually said they would be there didn't show (which didn't help with my party-hosting anxiety), but we still had a great time, and Julie is an excellent hostess.

Is it perhaps the most beautiful birthday cake ever?  I submit it for your consideration.
To commemorate such a delightful cake, we bought these number candles and even a little kitchen lighter (you can just see it on the right, behind the cake), which seems like such a handy gadget to have in one's kitchen.
Um yeah, the cake didn't stand much of a chance.  We kept it for a while in case other guests showed up, but eventually the two of us had no problem finishing it off.

Julia has been liking me a lot lately.
Kids hiding out in the corner with their toys.  Whatever happened to running around and playing and such?  I guess if it had been nicer outside they might have done.
Jared and Gabe became pretty fast friends.  You can see Julia awaiting her turn.
Kwvtij (I am secretly sad because he and his wife are moving to St. Louis in just a few weeks).

There were delightful birthday surprises here and there throughout the next few days, including a hair cutting set from Julie's mom, which we wasted no time using.  The following Saturday we met with Lacie and Leland at Tucanos to use my birthday coupon there (and we didn't eat TOO much there this time, hurrah), and Julie and I both had smashing new haircuts.  For hers, we went to a salon, for mine, we went to our kitchen, where Julie used the new clippers expertly.  She was nervous to give her first haircut, but I had all confidence in her skills, and she did a great job.  It was my first haircut since my New Year's Day chop, but it was mostly a trim of the back and sides--I want to let it grow long again.  Some have said it looks professional.  How delightful that I have a wife willing and clearly able to cut my hair!
Here I am enjoying a delicious Sundae of the Month at the Creamery on Ninth.  Not their best sundae ever, but the point is that this is a pretty good shot of my clever wife's haircutting job.

So, there we go, the birthday festivities were multi-faceted and delightful.  Survivor gave me a birthday present a week early with the voting out of a certain despised player, and even Sunday morning, a surprise birthday present appeared to me covering the ground outside in the form of sparkling snow, a sort of delicate, fleeting parting gift from winter before it gets so wretchedly hot outside.  A few days ago we bought Tangled on DVD (and, apparently, of necessity, on Blu-ray), so I say that's a birthday present too.  I always loved how Disney movies seemed to be released around my birthday month.
For the record, some people found this very hard to find in stores, but we found it at the first place we looked.  We shopped around and eventually bought it elsewhere, but it was good to know it was at least there.  Also, I hope they don't start releasing every movie in the world in 3D.  Just let it die!  The movies are delightful on their own without a gimmick!  I might have bought the 3D edition had I found it at a decent price, but as I didn't, I didn't.

I only hope I can make The Wife's birthday as lovely as she made mine!  I guess I have a couple months to prepare for it, and so I shall!


  1. Haha, it was chocolate cream cheese frosting! The mayonnaise was in the actual cake. Mayonnaise frosting=gross.

    I liked your birthday month so much. Let's do it again next year!

  2. We were certainly glad we attended. That movie is darling and the cake was so delicious. Julia certainly does love you and that picture of Gabe is perfect - it makes sense that he'd be blurry as he is always on the move. Fun party!

  3. HA, I thought I maybe should have asked what exactly the cake was all about. *edits* And I'm totally down for having another birthday month next year!

    Thanks for coming and bringing the kids, Melody! And yes, we had another picture of Gaberson, but it was even more blurry than this one! He is one active little fellow.