Thursday, July 14, 2011

One Day

One day!  It's coming out tomorrow!  Well, technically it's coming out tonight, and we are going to see it at midnight, as part of a double feature, as I have said.  We have a few additions to our usual costumes, thanks to a few well-spent dollars during our trip to Orlando a couple months ago, and we will be totally stylin'.  I guess I have nothing much else to say except that I'm way excited!  I'm sure that I'll be sad when it's all over, but for now I'm just so stoked.

To end this post with something a little more than a few sentences, I shall post this video that I came across yesterday.  I kept wondering aloud to The Wife just exactly why Voldemort kept yelling in that one way that he always yells so many times in the trailers.  Apparently I wasn't the only one who wondered this:

There's even a Facebook group devoted to this phenomenon! I don't know why they include that audio so much, but I hope it's not distracting to the overall movie! I'm sure I'll just chuckle, and then keep alternately gasping and crying and laughing.

See you on the other side!


  1. OH man, I can't believe this day has already come. Remember how after every book and movie came out, we would say, "It's ok, there are still x-amount of movies/books left." and now here we are, at the end. It is very bitter sweet that this era of my life is coming to a close, and even more bitter is that I can't see it tonight (if you lived where we do, you would realize why you can't go out to theaters passed 9pm. GHETTO!!!)

    Anyway, have so much fun, and think of me while you are there. I will most likely have to wait until Monday. Booooo.

    OMG, I forgot to make a chaaaaiiin! Oh well, next ti- oh nyeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

    (ALSO, OMG, my word verification is harys, NO JOKE!!!!1!1!!!1111!1!)

  2. Thanks to this clip I was totally laughing during the voldermort Nyahing parts, while watching the movie. Thanks drew!

  3. I really think he and that Silver Chair lady would be a match made in heaven. Hey, maybe she's really Nagini.