Monday, January 30, 2012

Hale Freezes Over 2012

(The Wife already blogged about this over here, but I thought I would post it for my own race records as well.)

Last Saturday was the first race of the year!  And actually our first race since Thanksgiving, which I guess breaks our one-5K-a-month record, but that was kind of a resolution for a couple of years ago.  (Also, we did a couple a month in the fall, so it balances out.)  Now we just do races as they come up, which works out.  We have done this race twice before, and we like it, so we decided to do it again, but opted out of the 10K option (which we did in the fall, even having barely recovered from food poisoning, yikes).  Anyway, we called Dad and invited his lonely wife-less soul to join us (he's not actually wife-less, but his wife is out of state for a week or so).  It was a nice morning, pretty cold, but not insanely freezing like it was the first year.  The course is the same as ever, and it is a good course, even with that insane hill at the 2 mile mark.  It has some good downhills and a solid uphill, so it's interesting.  I confess I was relieved the turn the corner with the 5K runners and say goodbye to the 10Kers as they split off for the rest of their course.
Go, Dad!
Go, Wife!
Go, me!
This fellow was there.  Some people had to hug him before they could get their prize.  I didn't have to.
We all did really great, and Dad and I both won our age groups, and Julie was top 10 in hers!  (To be accurate, I was actually second in my age group, but the one ahead of me was one of the overall winners, so I was awarded for the division, which is a lucky thing because they only gave medals to 1st place in each one.)  I was 6th overall and 2nd in my age group at about 20:15.
Eep!  Don't notice my tummy.

They have good prizes, but we never win anything in the raffle, but I DID snag a frisbee.  Sort of.  I didn't catch it and it dropped behind me but the lady gave it to me anyway.  I felt kind of bad until I noticed her kids had one too.  Right on.
Best prize ever?  Probably.

When you run this race, you get vouchers for free tickets to an upcoming show, but the tickets for this one and the fall race were for the same play.  Apparently they aren't willing to substitute the duplicates for another show.   Hmph!  I'm still looking to try to finagle something, but we'll see.  It's still a good race.

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  1. This seems so long ago! But it really wasn't...oh, how the time does fly (much like a frisbee).