Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Pal, Adrian Rawlins

When Harry Potter was new and stuff, people said I looked a little like Harry, but in recent years I have been told I look like James Potter*, Harry's pops from the Harry Potter movies, especially once he grew his hair out in the later films, and I had to agree.  But now, thanks to Elise (and her remarkable find regarding comparison photos), we have this handy little side-by-side situation, so what do YOU think??
!!!!!  Seriously, I love how even our hair is parted and falling the same way and the sideburns and scarf and glasses and all.  I'm even wearing my oh-so-English Oxford shirt.  It would have been perfect if my beard hadn't been so full, and had I but known the significance this picture would someday have, I might have shaved it off!  HA.  But James sort of has a little scruff going on here, so it still works.  (And sure, he's 20+ years older than I am, but still.)  Now we have to name one of our future children Harry!  (Don't worry, Elise, we aren't touching "Albus Severus"... and no one ever should.)

Some kind of dream come true?  Probably.  I love SO much that my doppelganger is an HP actor. XD

* Let the record show that I did NOT look like young James in any of cinematic incarnations...  Yikes.


  1. This makes me so happy. Every time I see him I smile and think of you. :)

  2. Hurray! It's so true. We really have to recreate that spinning-in-the-leaves moment for our Christmas card.

  3. That's so neat! It's truly uncanny how similarly you look! Now you'll have to be James and Lily for Halloween instead of Harry and Hermione. And I love the spinning in the leaves idea for your Christmas card :)