Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Month-Birthday, Boy!

Well, The Boy is now one month old.  I'm not going to be like, "I can't believe he's already a month old!!!" because I sort of CAN believe it.  It's been a great four-plus weeks, and he charms and amuses and exhausts us every day.  Just a few highlights as to what's going on from where I'm sitting (The Wife has been great about blogging updates and pictures too, the latest of which you can see here):

•  Father's Day!  It was last Sunday.  (And the treat at church told me I'm worth 100 Grand!!!)  I confess that this particular holiday may or may not have made me cry in the past, so it was especially exciting for me to celebrate my first Father's Day as an actual father of a living, breathing human.  It was especially delightful to wake up that morning when this is what greeted me:
Best Father's Day present ever, Wife!!!
I will neither confirm or deny that this was posed.  I just thought it was only fitting I should have one of those photos that everyone takes when they just HAPPEN to come upon sleeping baby/daddy.
•  I love a baby burrito.  He doesn't always love being one, but I'm the dad and what I say goes, right?!?
So tiny and scrumptious!!!  It's also very handy to have a phone actually capable of taking semi-decent and accessible photos.  Though, then a lot of them end up looking really similar, adorable-sleeping-babies-in-arms and all that.

•  I think it's funny how he sometimes cries for no apparent reason, since his every single need is met, usually at the very moment when it arises.  He's especially vocal during his bath.  I guess that means he's a healthy baby, since, as the doc said, crying means breathing (...).  His expression is usually one of constant concern, but he's starting to smile (yes, smile!!!  I die every time).
Those smiley eyes!  Just like his mum's!

•  He still has his thick, dark hair!  (*knocks on wood*)   Now and then we discover a stray strand that has somehow escaped, but that's only happened a handful of times in all these days, so I think it's going to stick around for a while.

•  Tummy time!  I love tummy time.  I think I like it better than he does.
•  I find myself rocking my dinner in my lap when I hear the poopsie squawking in his swing or even while he's nursing or in his mother's arms.  I've probably taken to being constantly subconsciously in motion, actually, just in case.

•  I'm still getting used to the idea that this sweet, innocent child will one day make decisions of his own (and hopefully the right ones) in this sometimes wonderful and sometimes increasingly rotten world, and all that that entails, but for the moment, we'll just do our best to keep him sweet and innocent.
Sometimes I just snuggle his face and can't believe how cute this child of ours is.

•  Our lives in general go on, we still are able to do a lot of the things we like to do, we just have a little more company and accessories than we used to.  Working from home is yet again a very convenient situation, making for a fairly flexible schedule and our ability to take turns watching him while the other does their thing.  It's nice to have an occasional little co-worker napping next to my desk while his mum naps or gets some things done.
This sight can often be seen on the floor just to my right during working hours.

•  Some of his nicknames at the moment include Snuffly (his tiny nostrils!  They make him sound snuffly), Little Son, Boo-Boo and Handsome (borrowed from one of our/his favorite onesies, which he is quickly outgrowing).  The Wife usually calls him Buddy or Little Bird.

•  ALIAS!!!  We are watching it.  It is good.

•  His mother has certainly taken to her new calling in life.  She hasn't always been exactly comfortable with knowing what to do with delicate newborn nieces and nephews and friends and such, but with her own she has definitely shown an instant ability and capability to protect and provide for this new little absolute dependent, and I can see just how much she cares about him.  I love watching her be a mommy.
Let's all give a big Dharma welcome to the newest member of The LOST Club!!!  I've been excited to see him in this for months!
A happy little Dharma family.
Happy One-Month, little one!  We like you a lot.

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  1. gosh i love this little family. i can't wait to visit UT again and meet this special little man.