Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Speck-tacular Speck-tacular

Three weeks ago yesterday, this happened:

C.A.G., 8 lbs. 15 oz., 20 in.
The Speck no more!  It was glorious!  Julie has already done such a great job of documenting the happenings (breech, water breakage false alarm, attempted/failed version, VERY efficient c-section, remarkable recovery by Wife and wonderful development by Son, etc.), which you can see here, so for me to post something similar in much depth would seem rather redundant, but I still wanted to document this most life-changing event just a little.

So, here he is!
Thanks for the pictures, Cami!*
He's a great little boy, and at three weeks (based on this morning's checkup) he's right on schedule with growing and gaining weight (by now up to 9 lbs. 1 oz., 21.5 in.).  He's fun and funny and always amusing us with his ever-changing expressions and his constant diaper changes (maybe amusing isn't quite the word for that bit).  He basically has four functions right now -- eat, sleep, cry and fill diapers -- and he does them all very well, but none of them excessively, or more than is expected or healthy.  He's even started sleeping pretty well at night, sometimes up to three or four hours at a time before waking up for a snack!  Sure, there has been the occasional loooong night when he might not have slept as long or as soundly as his parents might have wished, but he really is a pleasant baby and (so far) doesn't seem to cry forever long for no apparent reason (*knocks on wood*).  It was great to have an extra pair of hands and words of advice from Julie's mom when she visited for a week after we brought him home, and also from my mom when she visits, but we've also been doing pretty well all on our own.  We've even still been able to watch movies, get well into finally watching Alias, and even read on occasion!
Look at this girl!  She is such a rock star.
I might have cried when I saw him the first time.
Stretch, Boy!  Look at those runner's legs!
Check out that hair!!!
Meeting Mum.
Such a face he has.
Hanging with Dad.
First family portrait!  The nurse who took it for us was very nervous about her lack of photog skills.
And that's it so far!  Aaahhhh, I am becoming a parent bloggerrrrr!  I promise I won't be (too) annoying about it.  It's just amazing how much I can adore this child so much already.  I know new parents say that all the time, but I guess that's because it's true.  Our family dynamic and priorities have definitely changed, but it's been a pleasure to watch as things develop.  Keep being a good baby, Boy!

P.S.  I also posted my first Speck-inspired arts on our art blog, which you can see here.

*Cami took more really great newborn pictures, but maybe I'll save those for their own separate post. 


  1. Maybe you can save them for when I actually GIVE you the rest!! It's on my list! I'll do it tomorrow.

  2. Hey, I know that baby! He's cute and stuff.

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't he just?!? Such a joy to behold each day. :D