Friday, August 16, 2013

Four Years of Wedded Bliss

Yesterday was our fourth anniversary!  It's always nice to reach another milestone, and we had a wonderful time being together with our little Bobo.  It's so great that I work from home so I can have little visits from them both throughout the day, and sometimes have a little coworker while The Wife has a nap or does some of her own things.

We didn't have a big fancy celebration this year, but we did reach another milestone:  Leaving the CAG with a great pair of babysitters so we could enjoy a nice dinner alone at Chef's Table (by the way, check the expiration dates on your LivingSocial deals for that place... sometimes the window of time to use them is pretty narrow).  The food was delicious as usual, and partway through dinner, after regularly checking our phones for messages from the sitters, we realized we have definitely become Those Parents who go out to have a little private time and then proceed to think and talk about their offspring pretty much the entire time (I guess all parents do, really).  But we did have a nice time for an hour or two, and although it would have been a little easier if the baby hadn't started very uncharacteristically crying right before we left (his outburst even warranted the full-first-and-middle-name treatment from me), he seemed to do all right for Lacie and Leland, who were so nice to come over and watch him for us.  I'm sure he loved his first babysitters!!!  Next time will be easier, I'm sure.  He was probably just still hungry, or maybe gassy.  I know that always makes ME cranky.  Ha.  Gross.
Yes, maybe I AM wearing the same thing I wore to that restaurant on a previous anniversary.  Try to forgive me.

These were the updates that were periodically sent to us throughout dinner.  My boy already has a love for Asian peoples.
First babysitters!  Christmas jammies FTW!
And then we all watched a so-so episode of Project Runway together.  And a fun time was had by all, including the little one who finally calmed down once he had his second dinner and a little rock.
Happy anniversary, Wife!!!  I'm sorry I dropped the dozen-per-year tradish, but by this point I think that would become a little bit much.  I figured you would be quite happy with a dozen from me and a dozen from The Boy.  I love you!!!

And why not end with a few beautiful photos from our reception?
There is something so marvelous about this photo shoot.
Twu wuv.
An extra P.S.  :*

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  1. Aww, you two are so cute! And it's good that you talk about your boy, he's an important part of your life! I spend all day with my kids, they don't magically stop existing when I'm not around them. I do talk about other things too, but family is where it's at. :)