Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Anuual Christmas Eve Journal Write (Incorporating Seven Months)

I just realized I skipped the ACEJW last Christmas Eve... Oh well.

Here we are visiting The Wife's family in Missouri and having a wonderful time!  It gets more and more interesting as the years go by and more and more little ones appear and grow up.  It's been so great for Bobo to finally meet his cousins and uncle and aunts on this side for the first time, and he's quite taken to them.  A few days ago he reached seven months, which seems to me a perfect time to have your first Christmas.  He's ever so usually happy and laughing and this close to crawling (and he can definitely get around regardless).  He's starting to actually keep his real foods in his mouth instead of immediately dribbling them out, and he's starting to recognize the sound of his name and respond accordingly.  He's a sweet and funny and well-mannered and (mostly) great-sleeping boy and is finally just about over his stranger-danger phase, which means that he responds quite adorably when we take him out and about.  I will say that we were dreading the flight over here off and on for the last few months, but it turned out to be a HUGE success, as he hardly made a peep for both legs of the trip (except for pleasant peeps), and was a big charmer to all the ladies.  The flight attendants and passengers all around us thought he was just the bee's knees.  (I'm quite aware that this perfect traveling behavior probably won't last forever, but while it lasts I'LL TAKE IT!!!)
Mah two peeps.  He LOVES being on shoulders, it's all he needs for this face to happen.
 As for Christmas Eve and all that goes along with it, things have definitely been a little different with a little one, but it's even more exciting than usual (and it has never really stopped being exciting for me).  I've been re-reading The Chronicles of Narnia, we've been having many shenanigans with tiny cousins, playing a lot of Just Dance and watching a lot of Tinker Bell (and abusing a lot of The Hobbit) and eating a lot of delicious food.  After three Christmas music programs (on the same day) in our own ward/stake last week, I was glad to participate in the Rolla ward's program too after we arrived, as well as Marissa's baptism later that day.  All in all, there's been a whole lot going on and it's been most festive and delightful.  It's always crazy to realize how quickly Christmas has actually sneaked up on you, but it invariably does.

Playing all the old Christmas duets!  He has a little way to go before he can play his part all by himself.
But he still looks ever so cute when he plays anyway!
As another point of interest, although it's always good to spend Christmas with The Wife's family, I of course occasionally miss my own blood kin, but luckily everyone was able to get together before we left Utah, including my two out-of-towner sisters (when I finally had the chance to meet little Link!  Bobo's new favorite cousin, boy-cousins of the same age always share a special bond).  And, even more luckily, this was able to happen:
The recreate-an-old-family-photo Thing has been going around now, and this seemed like the perfect shot for us to use to join in on the fun.  I'm a little amazed at how it turned out exactly as I thought it would when we were talking about it.
Anywho, this is definitely not my most eloquent blogpost ever, but there's been a lot going on and I've actually been getting over a little nasal fogginess, so I'll just call it quits on here for now.  Blessed was the day the little baby Jesus was born over 2000 years ago, and blessed also was the day the little baby Bobo was born over seven months ago.
He loves his Christmas jammies, Nana!  (Please disregard my hat hair.)

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